09 November 2011

Scots Way-Hay #75 - Sugar Crisis

This week we're going with something a bit different to the norm in electro-popsters, Sugar Crisis, a Scottish duo who have already been making waves in Japan. Having just released their catchy debut album, Sunshine Kids' on Japanese label, This Time Records, I thought it would be a good time to try and introduce them to a few folk in their own backyard, so I caught up with Neil and Lorna to tell me a bit more about their music and what it's like to be big in Japan...

Would you care to introduce yourself?

We're Sugar Crisis. We play pop music.

How would you describe the music you make?

It's sort of electro bubblegum indie pop. We like cheerful melodies and synthesizers.

Where did the name Sugar Crisis come from?

We kind of wanted to steal the name Bubblegum Crisis (from the anime), but decided to warp it instead.

How did you get to know each other and come together as a band?

We met at Paisley Uni and then after we graduated we were talking and realised we both wanted to play in a band, so we started one. It turned out that the songs we wrote together were much better than the ones we wrote separately.

What process goes into the way you create songs?

It's different every time. We usually think of an idea for what the song should be about, then we play some chords and come up with a melody and a structure. Then we pick a random drum loop and keep adding synth parts until dinner time.

Who would you say are your big musical influences?

Tilly and the Wall, Freezepop, CSS, Visage, The Pipettes, The Postal Service, Roxy Music, Depeche Mode, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Au Revoir Simone

You just released your album ‘Sunshine Kids’ in Japan, how the hell did that happen then? You been out there yet?

We've not been out there, alas, but maybe if the album release goes well. The Japanese label called This Time Records messaged us on Myspace (the only thing it's been useful for in the last 3 years) and asked if they could licence our album. So we hastily finished the album and said 'yes please!' We have a Japanese super fan who occasionally sends us delightful Japanese indie pop cd's, so we think he maybe mentioned us to This Time.

Have they made you your own doll yet?

No, but that would be pretty awesome. Lorna's doll could have a special amp kicking power and Neil's could come with a ninja robot sidekick.

What can people expect to see/hear from your live shows?

We try to make them as much like a stadium gig as possible. We bring our own lights and pyrotechnics (sparklers) and animation visuals and things. We sometimes throw in a cover song. Lately it's been the Go-go's. We've also done Altered Images' Happy Birthday for someone's birthday and the Ghostbusters theme for Halloween.

What are your plans for the rest of the year and beyond? Are you working on any new material?

We've always got some new songs in progress. We make videos for every song so we'll be doing that once we record the new stuff. Hopefully we'll release the album here in the near future. Also our friend Iain drew us a comic strip so maybe we can stretch that out into a full story.

Sugar Crisis - Be With You

Sugar Crisis album 'Sunshine Kids' can be ordered from the This Time Records shop, you can also download some older singles on iTunes.

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