18 November 2011

Friday Freebies

Thirty Pounds Of Bone
Having tipped him as one of my ones to watch in 2011, I feel like I can't fully remember ever mentioning him ever again. My bad I know, to make up for it here's a free download of one of his gigs recorded in Café Galao, Stuttgart, Germany just a few days ago.

ATO Records
Fancy some free tunes from the likes of Lisa Hannigan, Mariachi El Bronx, My Morning Jacket and Alberta Cross, well you have to do to get them is to sign up to the ATO Records mailing list here.

King Tuts
In case you missed the big announcement on Wednesday, King Tuts have revealed the line up to next years New Years Revolution nights. The series of gigs which run from the 5th-19th of January, include numerous local acts including Beerjacket, Open Swimmer, Randolph's Leap and Michael Cassidy. Most of the nights look pretty decent, although I have to confess that I reckon there are a few stinkers in there too. Then again I very much doubt they're the nights being catered towards old fuckers like myself. To coincide with the gigs they've made up a free download album which you can find here.

Aidan John Moffat
Being on the road must get pretty boring at times, which might explain why Aidan Moffat conjured up a song called 'I Feel Like Shit' which you can download for nowt. One listen was enough for me. On a more serious note you can also download his song 'A Short Song To The Moon' which is taken from his collaboration album with Bill Wells, 'Everything's Getting Older' for nowt on SoundCloud.

The Best of Free Irish Music Downloads
Yes I do love my Scottish music, but every so often I do like to look a bit further afield to hear something new. When it comes to finding out what's going on over in Ireland there really is only one site that I need to go to and that's the Nialler, check it out kids, it shits all over this rambling mess of a website. He's also fond of his freebies, so he's very kindly compiled his top ten free Irish music downloads of 2011 for Day and Night Magazine, you can check out his tips here.

Drunk Mule
Another week, and yet another free download from those awesome Drunk Mule kids. This week they're giving away their new Panic Room E​.​P. for nowt on Bandcamp.

The Civil Wars
You might have caught the Civil Wars on Jools Holland the other week, if you liked what you heard or you missed them and you want to check them out, then head over to their homepage where you can download the title track from their album, Barton Hollow for free by signing up to the mailing list.

Okay, so I ballsed last weeks Freebies up a little. The link which I included last week was for Kowalskiy's singles club and not as I thought, a new EP. This week though I think I can safely say that Kowalskiy's latest free EP is up for grabs and it includes tracks from the likes of IndianRedLopez, Rose Parade, Graveyard Tapes, Minor Delilah and Jack James.

Ayrshire 3 piece, Folé have posted up their debut E.P. “Better Sightsas a free download on their Bandcamp page. It might be a bit too Mumford & Sons-y for some of you, but I reckon their's definite potential there.

Abagail Grey
Okay so this might not be an immediate freebie, but if you sign up to Invernesian singer-songwriter, Abagail Grey's mailing she'll send you a free download of her forthcoming Christmas single, Winter & Icicles, on the 5th of December. The single was produced by long term collaborators Chris Geddes (him from Belle & Sebastian) and Tony Doogan (famous-ish producer guy), rather scrumptious it is too!

Brave Mariner
Based in Bournemouth, but made up of some folk originally from Glasgow, Brave Mariner are quite an exciting prospect. If there free Half for You, Half for Me EP is anything to go by that is!

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  1. Anonymous21/11/11

    Thanks for the Folé mention! I've actually just started my own blog to network upcoming acts in Ayrshire and Glasgow with promoters, venues, and general music enthusiasts so you should take a look if you're interested!

    James Foley