11 November 2011

Friday Freebies

In mentioning so many bands on here, I am never too sure if I make it known the stuff that I really really like. PET are one of these bands, their scuzzy debut EP, 'What you building?' has been one of my surprise finds of this year, with the release of their new single 'Middle Child Syndrome' they've cemented that status. The single's not quite a freebie, it's one of those pay what you want scenarios, but fuck I couldn't not post about it. They also have a cracking wee video to go with it which is well worth checking out.

The Low Anthem
Bloody hell The Low Anthem are a generous bunch of folk, they're giving away a free download of their debut self-released and self-produced album 'What the Crow Brings' for free in exchnage for your email address.

Another month and yet another cracking free EP from my fellow blogger, Kowalskiy. This month he's got some free tunes from an array of great Scottish bands including French Wives, Otherpeople, My Tiny Robots, Laki Mera, Wolves Of Winter, Mummy Short Arms and the band I was gushing about a minute ago, PET.

Rob St. John
It really does feel as if there's a new release every fecking week from the Song, By Toad stable. Admittedly I am not a fan of everything that the label pus out, but the stuff that I do like I tend to think is really really good, i.e. Meursault and King Post Kitsch. I guess you can now add Rob St. John to that list, his ‘Weald’ 12” LP, is out on Monday 21st November if you fancy a wee taster then you can find a free download of ‘Sargasso Sea’, the second single from the LP here.

Chemikal Undergound
If you haven't already signed up to Chemikal Undergound's mailing list, then you're really missing a trick, as every month they give away some cracking tunes in their "downloads for 'f' all" feature. Having recently revamped their website they're now giving away free tunes from new additions to their stable 'King’s Daughters & Sons' and Irish singer songwriter Adrian Crowley.

Alcopop Records
Oxford indie label, Alcopop Records have posted up a compilation featuring artists such as Johnny Foreigner, Sleet and Snow and Johnny. You can download it completely gratis from their SoundCloud page.

JJ Bull
Aberdonian singer songwriter, JJ Bull, has made his fabulously named new single, 'Pirates (of the Aberdee​-​en)' free to download on his Bandcamp page. The song is taken from his forthcoming album 'Crocothilos', if you like what you hear, he's playing at The Tunnels in Aberdeen on the 19th of November.

Julia & The Doogans
Apparently Katy Perry was in Glasgow the other week, who knew? Well me for one. To 'celebrate' her appearance in our dear green place, Julia & The Doogans have made their cover of Teenage Dreams free to download on SoundCloud.

Blank Canvas
Ambient Edinburgh Punk outfit Blank Canvas have just made their new double A-side single 'By the Fire / Golden' free to download on Bandcamp, rather ace it is too. Hey also have made this video to go with it too, check that out here.

The Cinematics
In case you didn't already know The Cinematics have called it a day, as a parting gift they've made their track Nausea free to download here.

Mark Stoermer (The Killers)
I guess the cool kids gave all gave up on The Killers ages ago, but hey some of you might be interested in this solo album from Mark Stoermer from the band. You can download it for free in exchange for your e-mail address using this link.

The Stagger Rats
Edinburgh Gypsy Death Funk-ers, The Stagger Rats have just recorded their debut album which is being produced by the legendary Owen Morris is all set to be released in Spring 2012. As a taster of what to expect they've made their song 'Fuzzy Fuzzy' free to download here.

New Hands
Canadian outfit, New Hands, who some of you might remember from previous Friday Freebies posts have just released their new single 'This I've Heard' as a free download on Bandcamp.

i dream in colour
They might not be Scottish but the new single'Long Cold Lonely Winter' from 'i dream in colour' is well worth checking out as it's a catchy wee bugger of a song. You can download it for free on their SoundCloud page.

Last , but not least I have a wee freebie from Scottish songwriter Liebot, seeing as this only popped into my inbox last night I have only given it the one listen. On first listen it reminds me a lot of a more lo-fi De Rosa, which can only be a good thing. One things for sure is that I am going to go back for a second listen. You can download his album 'Come Home' for free on Bandcamp and that folks is your lot for this week!


  1. That rob stjohn track is amazing thanks

  2. Hey Lloyd,

    cheers for that but you're a week early! The EP isn't out 'til next week. That was the Singles Club. One or two of them are freebies mind you.

    P.S. That Wolves of Winter track is AMAZING! Will set you back 79p though...