22 October 2011

We've Got It Covered #73

Clearing a dead mouse out a trap wasn't the most ideal starts to the day, and yes I know that we should have bought a humane trap, but when none of the stores nearby seemed to stock them I am afraid I had to invest in something lethal. Fuck it, Erin's safety comes first, as cute as they look I don't want her going anywhere near mouse droppings (they do bear an uncanny resemblance to her beloved raisins you see). I suppose in the grand scale of things it doesn't make much of a difference as I don't feel that guilty eating, but when you actually have to deal with the cleaning up a dead body, no matter how small it is, it makes me sad. Anyway, enough of this feeling sorry myself nonsense, today I plan to get myself into town to stick up a few posters for The Shivers gig that I am putting on in a few weeks time. I had meant to stick them up last week when I was off, but I got a wee bit caught up with all The Moth & The Mirror album launch malarkey. Right I really am starting to ramble a lot of pish here, so lets get on with this this weeks cover version which comes from the fabulously named, If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now. The Glasgow four piece have taken their hand to covering the Elvis classic, 'Girl of My Best Friend' which will feature on the bands forthcoming album 'a Room Dim At Noon', due out on the 7th of November. To celebrate the band are having a wee launch night on Saturday 29th October at Nice n Sleazy in Glasgow. You should go, it should be a lot of fun, plus from what I have heard of the album so far it's sounding mighty fine...

If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now - Girl Of My Best Friend (Elvis cover)

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