28 October 2011

Friday Freebies

John Knox Sex Club
For fear of repeating myself, I will say this just once more. You need John Knox Sex Club in your life, no really you do. If you don't believe me then you can see for yourself by downloading some free tracks using this link, once you've had a listen then you can invest yer pennies in their latest album 'Raise Ravens' as its awfy good. You can catch the band in the flesh alongside Olympic Swimmers on the 19th of November at Nice n Sleazy in Glasgow, which is also one of their 20 Years of Sleaze gigs. They're also supporting Three Blind Wolves at a very intimate show at Brel this coming Sunday.

We Were Promised Jetpacks
Stereogum had a wee exclusive this week from We Were Promised Jetpacks, they posted up the video for the bands new song 'Human Error'. The song which is taken from their new album, 'In The Pit Of The Stomach' is also free to download too.

You might recall me getting a bit over excited about Edinburgh outfit PET back in the summer, their debut EP, 'What you building?' has been one my surprise finds of the year. With an equally good if not better EP coming out in a few weeks time, they've just posted up a remix of one of their new songs 'Middle Child Syndrome' by another new favourite of mine Age Of Consent. You can download this awesome wee number for nowt on SoundCloud.

Uniform Motion
If you are on the look out for new music and you haven't already check out the Edinburgh Man podcast, then I would urge you to check it out. In the past few months he's turned me on (ooer missus) to an array of new stuff that I would never have come across. Most recently he's introduced me to an indie-folk outfit by the name of Uniform Motion. You can check them out for yourself by downloading this free sampler.

Hercules Moments
I posted a link up to this compilation in Friday Freebies a few months back, the one thing that I hadn't noticed at the time was that it wasn't actually out yet. Now that it is, it's time for it to make another appearance. The compilation which features an array of acts including The Xcerts, The Little Kicks, Min Diesel, The Deportees and Seas, Starry, can be downloaded for free here.

The Machine Room
Ahead of their appearance on this coming Sunday's Ally McCrae show, The Machine Room have made their cover of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle free to download on SoundCloud.

The Mirror Trap
Dundee four piece, The Mirror Trap have made the lead track from their new White Rabbits EP free to download on their Bandcamp.

coma emilio
Bloody hell, Glasweigan lo-fi soloist coma emilio isn't one for keeping things to a minimum. If you check out his Bandcamp then you'll find a shit load of free tunes up grabs, including a 69 track album.

Drunk Mule
I can barely keep up with Drunk Mule's free tracks, his new album is now up to a whopping 28 tracks, all of which are free. If you want a starting point I'd suggest checking out new tune 'As One' which you'll find here.

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