21 October 2011

Friday Freebies

Frightened Rabbit
As part of their recent US tour the Frabbit boys were selling a limited edition EP, so now that their state side adventures are all finished up (for now), they've decided to make it free to download. Rather nifty it is too, featuring collaborations with Camera Obscura's Tracyanne Campbell and Scottish folk singer, Archie Fisher, you can nab yourself a free download of the EP simply by signing up to their mailing list. A pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

White Denim
I know that I ban on about Scottish music a fair wee bit on here, but on the odd occasion I do actually turn my ear to things outside of this remit. One such band who have been turning my head for a good few years now are Austin's finest sons, White Denim. If you haven't already checked out their most recent album 'D', then I would suggest you do as it's one of the finest things I have heard all year. If you want a wee taster of what to expect you could always down their free live EP, 'Live at the Ghost Room' which consists of four songs from said album, performed and recorded live in their home town.

Spanish Prisoners
I know I have said this a few times, but one of the first ever blogs that I read a back in the day was the I Guess I'm Floating, a cracking wee site based in Brooklyn in the US. Over the years the site has turned me onto numerous bands, although in recent times I haven't checked out as much stuff as I'd like to (the Scottish music scene some what dominates my time nowadays). This week though I did get the chance to check out their latest tip, Spanish Prisoners, who's Gold Fools LP is pay what you want on Bandcamp. I don't often find myself enjoying dreamy pop songs, but I fucking love this, check it out kiddie winks then go and say thanks to the good folk at IGIF.

Bloody hell time fairly does fly in, it feels as if it was only last week that I was mentioning the last free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP from my fellow blogger Kowalskiy. Now he's up to his 16th EP, which features among others the fabulously named If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now, The Stormy Seas, Supermarionation and Vladimir.

Yusuf Azak
Until recently I hadn't quite made my mind up about Yusuf Azak, my friend Ian described him as being a bit Marmite-esq, i.e. you either love him or hate him. Having given his new acoustic EP, Prizefighter, a good few listens I think I might now well be sold. You can make your own mind up by downloading the EP for nowt via his Bandcamp.

The Belle Hops
Inspired by girl groups of the 50s and 60s, Glasgow's The Belle Hops have made their song 'The New Boy's Really Great' free to download on their SoundCloud page.

Age Of Consent
Former Shit Disco-ers, Age Of Consent are busy touring Australia at the moment, but they've not forgotten about everyone back home as they've made The Toxic Avenger remix of their song, The Beach free to download here.

The Hazey Janes
The Dundee outfit have made their new single, 'Girl In The Night’ free to download on their SoundCloud page. The song is taken from their forthcoming album, The Winter That Was' which is due to be released on Monday 24th October 2011.

My Tiny Robots
Edinburgh four piece My Tiny Robots have released their song ‘Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black’ as a free download. The song is a precursor to their series of three singles which will be available on digital download and as a special limited edition release starting in October.

The Wynd
If you're looking for some alternative indie pop rock from the capital, then look no further as here's The Wynd who's single 'Favourites' is free to download on Bandcamp.


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