24 October 2011

Fresh Meat Monday - Niteworks

Would you care to introduce yourself?

Hi, we’re Niteworks originally from the Isle of Skye. We’re a four piece band, all still currently at Uni. So we spend most of our time between Glasgow and Skye at the moment.

How would you describe the music you make?

Our music is a mixture of folk and electronica. Between us we play drums, bass, keys and pipes and sing. It’s probably easiest understand described as house/techno with celtic influences.

How did you start out making music?

We started in separate bands a while back, and came together to start Niteworks about three years ago. When we started, we only really did a couple gigs here and there, but we’re putting more time into it now, and are really enjoying playing and recording as much as we can. With us living in separate places (Glasgow and Skye), we don’t get the chance to spontaneously practice or jam when we like, which is a bit annoying, but we try and get together to play most weekends which is good.

What process goes into the way you write songs?

We generally start with an idea, then record it and jam it for a bit. We then build up the other instruments around the ideas we have. We record everything as we go, and test everything live before committing to it.

What can people expect from your live shows?

Live, we keep things up-beat and try make everything fairly dance-y. We stitch our live sets together similar to as we would when DJing, so everything is linked together and (hopefully) flows together throughout the show.

This summer, we played a couple dates with a choir which was really fun. We like the idea of collaborating with new people and instruments etc, so we’re toying with the idea of some new projects in the future. We’re also hoping to integrate visuals into our set more, which is something we plan to work on for next year’s festival run.

What are you all listening to at the moment?
I’m currently listening to Apparat’s new album “The Devil’s Walk.” I’m a huge fan of his stuff, so hoping the new album lives up to it’s predecessors.
Apart from that I really really like Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s newest album. I think it was released around this time last year, but I still listen to it all the time, it’s brilliant.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in 2011?

We just released an EP (on the 15th October), which was our first proper release. We’ve also got some new material on the go, which we’ll be working on and we’re hoping to do a bit of a mini tour late December/January time.


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