24 September 2011

We've Got It Covered #68

The one thing that I never fully appreciated when I first started blogging was how forward looking I would be in terms of consuming music. Far too often you find yourself listening to something, then after two or three listens you're off to find you're next 'hit'. I guess it's that unhealthy drive amongst my peers to be the first person to unearth the next big thing. Then again it could be argued that is also one of the major driving forces which motivates music bloggers to write. As much as I enjoy the thrill of the chase in listening to new music, every so often I have to remind myself to go back and listen to things from even just last year. So this morning as I was stuck in work doing some much needed over time, I decided to go back and listen to Call To Mind's self titled EP which came out just last year. Now it's been a while since we last heard anything from the Highlands finest 'glacial pop' outfit, but I am sure a few of you will be pleased to learn that work is due to start on their debut album which should hopefully be out next year (or so their singer Jamie tells me). If you haven't heard the EP before then it's well worth checking out, you can download it for free on their Bandcamp. If the EP is anything to go by then we should be in for one massive fucking treat when the album lands.
Which brings us to this weeks cover which of course comes from Call To Mind and their take on the Cocteau Twins classic Cherry Coloured Funk, which was recorded as part of a session they did for Vic Galloway a while back. If you have a hunt about on this site you should be able to find the full session to download. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...

Call To Mind-Cherry Coloured Funk (Cocteau Twins Cover)

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