27 August 2011

We've Got It Covered #64

On Tuesday coming it will my daughters first birthday, the time really has flown in, although that being said I do feel like I have aged about ten years. In the space of a year it's strange to think how much my life has changed, not only am I a dad, but I've also changed jobs and now I co-run a wee label. It makes me wonder what I used to do with all of that spare time I once had, I guess the answer to which that is, sleep. Not that I would want to change any of it, it's bloody knackering being a dad whilst also trying to run this site and the label. It's worth it though, watching my wee girl grow up has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Couple that with the success that the label has had since it started back in November of last year, I am pretty sure that I count 2011 as being a pretty fucking awesome year.
So in a round about way that brings me to this weeks cover version which comes our very own The Moth & The Mirror, the latest addition to the Olive Grove family. On Friday coming we'll be be celebrating the release of their new single, 'Germany' with a launch night at the Captain's Rest in Glasgow. As always it would be great to see some of your pretty little faces coming along for the evening, although you might be best getting their nice and early as it looks set to be a pretty bust night (or so Facebook seems to tell me anyway). Aye, so this weeks cover version comes from the Moth & the Mirror and their take on MGMT's 'Kids', a pretty apt choice I think you'll agree...

The Moth and The Mirror - Kids (MGMT cover)

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