05 August 2011

I have buggered off to Belladrum, so here's some news...

Anyone who was unfortunate enough to listen to my stint on Fresh Air last summer might remember I managed to seriously balls up my plug for their charity download album. I vaguely recall comparing folk who downloaded a charity for free as being the equivalent of kicking a blind death and dumb kid, or something along those lines. Whatever I said it caused a bit of bother, not that I was all that fussed. This year I am going to do my best to avoid fucking up, so I'll just let you know that Fresh Air have compiled another charity album featuring tracks from bands such as Edinburgh School For The Deaf, The Scottish Enlightenment and French Wives. It's a minimum £2 purchase, which is a cracking deal for some ace tunes, plus you get to do your bit for charity.

The Mouse That Ate The Cat, a nw Glasgow based electro-pop duo made up of Brian Henderson (lead singer of The Dykeenies) and Colin Keenan (ex-Drive-By Argument) released their debut single 'Falling Down' this week. It's only £1 to buy which includes the single, q video and a B-side

The boys are off on tour this month calling at
5 - Cape, Stirlng
7 - Gig In The Car Park @ Greenside Hotel, Fife
11 - Bannermans, Edinburgh
12 - Dexters, Dundee
13 - The Tunnels, Aberdeen
14 - Mad Hatters, Inverness

Our friends at Pelmet Nites have decided to do something a wee bit different with their next night, as they're putting on what I think must be their first ever hip hop night featuring Kobi Onyame and Stanley Odd. Having caught Kobi when I was at Wickerman a few weeks I can see why they've snapped him up for a gig. Also, I have been listening to Stanley Odd's mini album a fair wee bit recently. Me liking hip-hop, who'd have thunk it. You can buy tickets for the gig here

If you're still at a loose end for something to do this evening then you might want to head along to see the Red Show at Maggie Mays in Glasgow where they are celebrating the release of their new EP, Hard To Shake It Hard To Love.

The Red Show - Jack by The Red Show

On Sunday coming I am going to be posting a whole load of stuff from the T Break stage at this years T in the Park, don't say I didn't warn you. Anyway, I best finish this rambling post off, so here's a wee video that the nice MILK folk filmed with Yaya Club on a nice sunny day in Glasgow...nice...

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