26 August 2011

Friday Freebies

In the wake of last weekends fourth AvP gig, it's great to be able to welcome back one of our former acts, Glasgow's finest we're only afraid of NYC. It's been far too long since we've heard anything from the three piece, so their return is a more than welcome one, you can download their new single, 'Walls' for now via their Bandcamp page. The band play King Tuts this coming Sunday (28th August) as part of the series of RocknRoll Damnation nights. They will also be releasing another free download single in a few weeks time which is equally as ace/ It's great to have you back boys, just don't leave it as long next time.

From one former AvP band making a triumphant return, we have another band who are sadly going on a bit of a hiatus. As I am sure that most of you are already aware, Mitchell Museum have decided to take an extended leave. Personally I am gutted that they're as good as calling it a day, Mitchell Museum were also one of my favourite Scottish bands, they made some of the most ridiculously catchy pop tunes this country has ever produced, that and they're some of the nicest folk that you're ever likely to meet. As a parting note the band have made their last ever song, 'Bring out the claws, the claws are out', available to download for free. I guess all we can do now is keep wur fingers crossed that we one day herald the return of the mighty Mitchell Museum.

Following my friend Jim 'Ayetunes' on twitter can be painstaking task at times, if he's not tweeting about his next sexual conquest (as it happens), he can mainly be found to be setting himself on fire. He does pull out the occasional gem from time to time, this week he pointed out that Foxface hadn't actually disappeared off the face of the earth as I once presumed. They have instead been busy recording a whole host of new material all of which you can now download for free on their SoundCloud page.

What with me being so blinkered to any music that's not Scottish, I missed the fact that Azure Ray released a new album, Drawing Down the Moon, last year. Somehow I had it in my head that they'd split up. I guess that shows what I know these days, I'm just an old failed hipster, that's no longer down with the kids. If like me you missed their return you're in luck as you can download two free tracks from the album via the Saddle Creek website.

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