16 July 2011

We've Got It Covered #58

Some of you might have noticed that there was a distinct lack of a cover version last Saturday, that was because it was my birthday and I was away visiting my folks. That and I felt that you guys had kind of earned a day off from having to read my ramblings. In case you were wondering I turned 33, which when I type it out it sounds fucking ancient, possibly because it is. When I was younger I always thought I'd act much more mature by the time I was in my thirties, in fact the opposite seems to have happened. The older I get, the more immature I seem to act, that could be down to me trying to rebel against old age, yes I am grasping at straws.
I always remember when I was younger, that my parents would sometimes forget exactly how old they actually were. I have now found myself doing the same thing, which is probably down to the fact that I no longer place such an emphasis on the importance of being a year older. No you might be starting to wonder where I am going with this ramble, to be honest with you I don't know. It's early on a Saturday morning and I am writing this up whilst trying to ensure that Erin doesn't trash the house (no easy feat). Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is that age is just a state of mind, but then again someone who's as old as I am would say something like that as I try and grasp onto what's let of my fading youth. Still though last week I got a Star Wars birthday cake, so I can't be that old, can I?!
Anyway, that's of me, here's this weeks cover version which sees one King covering another. A while back I had emailed my friend Charlie, aka King Post Kitsch, to see if he had ever recorded a cover version that he might be up for sharing with you all. He reckoned that he had a wee cover of a Leonard Coen song kicking abut somewhere, but in the end he couldn't find it anywhere. So he duly recorded a version for me, but seeing as he wasn't too happy with it, he suggested that he tried something else and here it is, King Post Kitsch covering Elvis Presley. On first listen I must admit that I really wasn't too sure about this one, but trust me it's a grower.

King Post Kitsch - Don't (Elvis Presley cover)

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