20 July 2011

I Build Collapsible Mountains reveals debut album details

I Build Collapsible Mountains, the solo project of Scottish musician Luke G Joyce is set to release his debut album, 'The Spectator & The Act' on the 11th of October on Burning Building Records. For those of you with a good memory, I Build Collapsible Mountains was the first and only release on Peenko Records. Since the release of his debut EP, 'A Month Of Lost Memories', Luke has moved on to much bigger things, having been snapped up by a much bigger label, (who re-released his EP), he's also playing at numerous festivals, including this weekends Wickerman Festival in Dumfrieshire, with a US tour to follow.

You can listen to an exclusive stream of the lead track from the album 'Face Of Thunder Grin below...

i build collapsible mountains - face of thunder grin by peenko

Track Listing
1. Face Of Thunder Grin
2. Quickest Exit
3. Jump The Blue
4. Instrumental #1
5. Trail Song
6. Spectator & The Act
7. Instrumental #2
8. Burn
9. History Making
10. Maps & Destinations
11. The Wrong Way

Artwork for the album comes form the photographer Nick Mason, 'The Spectator & The Act' comes out on the 11th of October. Further details on the album will be announced nearer to the release date.

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  1. Anonymous20/7/11

    Go Luke, this is all good news. MCOG