29 July 2011

Friday Freebies

Right I know I said I wasn't going to do one of these for a few weeks, but seeing as my favourite bookmarks is getting out of control I thought I'd post up some links to some of the best stuff that I've found recently.

We Were Promised Jetpacks
One of the main reason for me wanting to post a Freebies was the new Jetpacks song, I fully appreciate that most of you will have already downloaded their new song 'Act On Impulse', but if you haven't then you really should as it's fucking ace, a welcome return and then some.

When Letters first burst onto the scene at the start of the year I must admit that I was a bit taken aback by the amount of hype they got from many of my fellow blogger friends. After hearing their new single, 'Flash! Lights', I have to put my hands up and admit that I was wrong, as this song is a wee belter and best of all it's free. You can download yourself a copy for free using the following link.

Bear Bones
I'll warn you now, I am going to mention Wickerman a few times in this post. Last weekend Bear Bones were the biggest surprise for me, I have heard songs in the past and enjoyed them, but I rally hadn't listened to them enough to fully appreciate just how good they were. They really impressed me with how good they were live, tight as fuck, with tunes to boot. You can download yourself one of these said tunes by signing up to their mailing list and they'll send you their track 'I Scare Easily'. Dae it!

Spaghetti Anywhere
It's almost a year and half since Jim Ayetunes sent me over an email about Spaghetti Anywhere, at the time we got ourselves just a little over excited about their self titled debut EP. Since then they've kind of disappeared of my radar a little, mainly because they're based in London and they haven't ventured north of the border for a gig yet. Hopefully they'll make it up one day, until then we can content ourselves with a free download of their new EP 'Doolally' which you can find on their Bandcamp page.

Amber Wilson
Hailing from Aberdeen, Amber Wilson was fucking great when I saw her play with Endor and Randolph's Leap a few months back. She's about to release her new double a-side single on Monday 15th August, again it's fucking great. You don't have to take my word for it as to how talented she is, you can find out for yourself, as by signing up to her mailing list you'll get a free MP3 of her song 'Things Will Be Better'.

I might well have mentioned that I was at the Wickerman Festival last weekend, if not, I was and I had a fucking great time. I have promised myself that I will try and write a review when I get the chance. Although I have to admit that my memories are somewhat hazy, so a 2,000 word article on how I was drunk and can't remember anything might not be the most interesting post. One thing that I do recall is drunkenly debating (arguing) with one of Citizens about god only knows what. I think we must have talked all the way through Rachel Sermanni's set, but then again fuck it she was about 2 hours late for her headline slot. The following day I went to see Citizens play and they kicked the fucking arse out of the Solus Tent they were playing in. I also bonded with the same guy that I'd been arguing with. Fun fun times were had.
You can enjoy some fun too by downloading their EP Try Harder for free on their Bandcamp, those of a nervous disposition might want to avoid this one.

Kobi Onyame
Another act that I caught at Wickerman who surprised me a lot, was Kobi Onyame. I'll admit that I know fuck all about hip-hop, but I really enjoyed his set, so when I got back I did some hunting and found out that he has a free download up for grabs on his Bandcamp.

The Phantom Band
Having done Wickerman, I am now getting pretty excited about next weeks Belladrum Festival near Inverness. I know I am going to lose what little credibility I have built up already, but I must admit that I am pretty excited about seeing Deacon Blue. There I have said it, mock me all you want, but when I was very young they were one of the first Scottish bands that I really got into. Since then it's safe to say that my tastes have changed a tad, which leads me to the band that I am most looking forward to seeing, Glasgow's finest, The Phantom Band. It's only been a few months since I last saw them playing live, but it feels like it's been fecking ages.
Having messed about on their new Bandcamp page a week or so back, I came across this free download of their live cover version of Moondog's Fujiyama which was originally recorded as part of a Moondog tribute album that the band missed the submission deadline too. You can download it for free on their Bandcamp.

Hopefully you've been keeping up with Kowalskiy's blog so you'll already know that he posted his 13th Free Monthly EP a few weeks back. If you missed it, then you missed getting your hands on free tracks from Verse Metrics, Letters and Campfires in Winter amongst others. Getting downloading it here.

Credit for this find goes out Matthew from Song By Toad, after he posted about them a couple of weeks back, I checked them out and was mightily impressed by what I heard. You can find out what all the fuss is about by downloading some free tune-age from their Soundcloud page.

The Strokes
Stereogum have posted up a tribute album of folk covering songs from The Strokes (only good album) 'Is This It', featuring contributions from folk such as Peter, Bjorn and John, The Morning Benders and Owen Pallett. Download it for free here.

My partner in crime, Halina has spent the past week 'spaffing' about how amazing the new M83 song is. I actually still haven't heard this song, so I can't comment, all I know is that their new song 'Midnight City' is free to download in exchange for your email address.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The come back I never thought would happen is about to happen, yes the worlds most stupidly named band are going to release a new album. As I have said before I am really looking forward to hearing some new material from them, their new single Maniac is free to download and I think it sounds ace.

Bobby Womb
Jon McCall, ex-Y’all is Fantasy Island drummer has issued his 2nd EP on Wise Blood entitled Dwarf Management, you can download it for free here.

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  1. The new M83 is provisionally on next month's mix - I really enjoyed it this morning! Not my sort of scene normally at all.