18 June 2011

We've Got It Covered #55

I was fully expecting to be feeling rough as a badger today, as last night I was out at the last ever Barmellodie gig at Bloc. A top night was had, although I must admit that my DJ-ing skills were pretty piss poor. However, they did seem to improve with the more beers I ad, or perhaps I just got to the stage where I didn't notice how rotten my mixing skills were. Still though a grand night was had, plus I got to see six bands that I'd never seen before. Before hitting Bloc I had popped into the Flying Duck for Jim Ayetunes birthday bash to catch a bit of the Big Nowhere and Verse Metrics. Sadly I had to leave before Black International came on, however, I though that the Verse Metric boys sounded ace.
At Bloc I saw Lady North, who really impressed me. Made up of 3/4 of Dupec, I am not normally one for instrumental music, as I have such a short attention span, however, they really impressed me. London band, Something Beginning With L, who turned up in something resembling the Scooby Doo van, were my personally highlight of the night. Their catchy pop songs reminded me that I really need to stop being so blinkered and listen to bands that aren't Scottish. After that I was well on my way, with things getting slightly blurry after Galoshins and Cuddly Shark, who I remember enjoying, but don't remember much about. Anyway, a top night was had and kudos goes out to Scott and Al from Armellodie for putting on such a top night.
If you're in Edinburgh today and you feel up to braving the rain, then get yourself down to Avalanche from 2pm to catch The Scottish Enlightenment, Le Reno Amps, Something Beginning With L and Cuddly Shark as part of the Armello-day takeover. In honour of this momentous occasion here's Le Reno Amps covering Johnny Cash taken from a session they recorded for Vic Galloway a few months back...

Le Reno Amps-Understand Your Man (Johnny Cash cover)

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