04 June 2011

We've Got It Covered #53

After two nights of gigs I am officially gubbed and for once alcohol is not really a factor in my tiredness as I only had one pint. I guess I couldn't have asked for two more different evenings of entertainment, on Thursday we had our third Peenko session at the Hidden Lane Tea Rooms where we were soothed by acoustic sets from Randolph's Leap, I Build Collapsible Mountains and Daniel G Harmann. Then last night I was quite possibly the loudest gig I've ever been to as I squeezed into The Ivy to catch Dananananaykroyd and Bronto Skylift. My right ear is still ringing after Bronto' set, perhaps standing right down the front wasn't the wisest of moves on my part, but fuck me if it was fun. Surprisingly though out of the two gigs it was the acoustic cafe gig that was the sweatier of the two nights, thankfully though the smell of freshly baked cupcakes masked the smell of any stale body odour. Sean who recorded and filmed the gigs has already been busy working on getting the sessions ready to post, so hopefully I'll have the first of the sessions up this week some time.

As for next week, I am sure most of you will already know this but on Tuesday night I'll be venturing up to Inverness for this years Go North Festival. Last year I was lucky enough to be invited up to cover the event for this site, this time round I am going up as one of the panellists plus I am also involved in putting on a showcase evening with two of my fellow blogger friends.
On the Wednesday I am going to be on a panel talking about starting your own record label, while on the Friday I will be on a panel alongside Matthew from Song By Toad and Jason from the Pop Cop, to talk about blogging. Having done something pretty similar in Edinburgh just a month or so back, it should be quite an interesting debate. Although I'd imagine that we might be slightly delicate from the night before, as the three of us are having our showcase night at Flames, featuring Light Guides, Indian Red Lopez, PAWS and Kid Canaveral.
Which in a very roundabout kind of way brings me to this weeks cover which comes from the aforementioned Kid Canaveral. I guess it's no real secret round these parts that I am a big fan of the band, but then I guess I am not the only one. Some of you might have spotted that they were in the Herald earlier this week, if you missed the article then you can read the full unedited version on this fabulous site. The band 'warm up' for their appearance at Go North with a headline slot tomorrow at Oran Mor as part of the Fence Collectives West End Festival show. You might even catch them covering King Creosote's 'Missionary', which was originally recorded for their Radio Scotland session with Vic Galloway. Now signed up to Fence Records, the cover is set to get a full release later in the year and having heard the newly recorded version I can vouch that you're in for a treat. For now though you will have to console yourself with this version which is still pretty awesome...

Kid Canaveral-Missionary (King Creosote cover)

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