29 June 2011

Scots Way-Hay #65 - Sebastian Dangerfield

Some times with the large volume of stuff that I get sent there are quite often bands that I mean to come back to, however, due me being quite forgetful they end up slipping through the gaps. Sebastian Dangerfield are one such band,when they sent me their debut EP, 'The Sound of The Old Machines'way back in April, I remember thinking this is a bit good, I'll need to come back to it. I of course forgot and it wasn't until just recently that I decided to revisit the EP and remembered just how much I had enjoyed it. Imagine a less pretentious Broken Records and you are half way there, they have the rousing anthems and they have pop sensibility. If their first release is anything to go by then I hope to hear a lot more from Sebastian Dangerfield over the next few years...

Would you care to introduce yourself?

Certainly, we are a 3/4/5 piece (depending on our wandering guitarist and our part time fiddle player!) who largely hail from Edinburgh, although the bass player is from the sticks just outside Edinburgh and the fiddle player is an American currently hiding in Newcastle! Team sheet below:
Stu Baggs - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Baggs - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
J Baggs - Drums, Vocals
Jim Baggs - Bass
Abbie - Violin

How would you describe the music you make?

Where to start?!? It's a rare mix of; country, indie, rock, americana with hints of bluegrass and the odd meatloaf solo. To be honest you're probably best just to listen to the songs!

How did you come together as a band?

Seems like a long time ago now, but if memory serves I think Stu Baggs and Dave Baggs met on account of living in the same street, where they found J Baggs the drummer on Gumtree. Jim Baggs completed the original foursome on account of being an old mate of Daves, despite only having 9 & 1/2 fingers and no bass at the time of his appointment.

How did you start out making music?

We'd just practise once a week and in-between playing cards seemed to write a few songs, so we started turning up at small Edinburgh venues to play them live.

What process goes into the way you write songs?

It usually goes one of two ways:

1: somebody will declare a "10minute tune" followed by 10mins of music inspired by one riff or beat that's been lying dormant in somebodys head for a while - mostly it's a load of rubbish but sometimes it throws up a nugget.


2: More commonly, someone, usually the mysterious Stu-Baggs, has an idea which we work through adding in the various other elements until we are happy and can return to playing cards.

Who are your big musical influences?

There are a few! All of us have pretty ranging tastes, but the common ground would be:

Ryan Adams
Old crow medicine show
Tallest Man
Frightened Rabbit
WWPJ (We are related after all)
Tom Jones (no joke)

The daily disputes:
Bob Dylan
The Smiths
The Stone Roses

..... J-Baggs will take the default position that unless they are dead they ain't worth listening too!

What kind of influence do you feel that where you come from has had on the music you create?


What can people expect to see/hear from your live shows?

The live shows are usually tonnes of fun, we try not to take it too seriously and just have a good time. Its not unknown for us to sport costumes or bring along mascots! But it is really about the music. It's also a great chance to hear what people think about the music god or bad afterwards.

Has there been a particular gig that has stood out for you so far (good or bad)?

Supporting WWPJ at the Liquid Rooms was pretty special and is probably the biggest audience we've played to. Our recent EP launch was great fun too as we were all kitted out in the old time costumes with our video playing in the background. Don't think there are any bad memories, but if anyone says they saw us play the Ark, it's a lie!

What are your plans for the rest of the year and beyond? Do you have any new releases planned for any time soon?

Well!?! You'd have to ask our guitarist who has just ran off to America! Resultantly we're gonna be doing a few gigs as a 3piece and writing more new songs. We've a gig at Sneaky Petes on July 2nd, where we'll be playing most of the new hits mixed with a few classics then hope to get involve with the festival when it rolls into town.

Sebastian Dangerfield - The Sycamore Tree

Sebastian Dangerfield's 'EP "The Sound of The Old Machines" is available to download now through iTunes and directly from their Bandcamp. You can catch the band playing live this coming Friday (2nd July) at Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh alongside Steve Heron and Ded Rabbit.



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    I first herd Sebastion dangerfield on HB!! then followed the sound. to be honest ive tried tolet my friends hear this wonderfull band but your site is a complete f***k when it comes to sharing things...!!! this might not even get to you f****d up site...!!! yoh!!! upside down inside out cant reach anything. Make Your Site Easy Access!!!!!

  2. Does your carer know that you've been online again?