22 June 2011

Presenting: The Peenko Sessions #8 - Randolph's Leap

I know this should have been up ages ago, but I had a wee problem with Firefox crashing on me last week, which meant that I lost this wee introduction piece. It was a cracking wee intro too, sadly I have gone back to my old self and decided and am going to ramble pish. Filmed and recorded a few weeks back at the Hidden Lane Tea Rooms, the session was one of the hottest gigs I have been to this year and that includes seeing Dananananaykroyd on hot summers night in a venue was packed to the rafters. Thanks to Kirsty who runs the cafe it was also the sweetest smelling gig of the year, unless of course you were standing next to me, as her baking made the place smell awesome. If you watch the video below you will get to see me making my live debut as I play one note for a whole song and I even got accused of ballsing that up. Another highlight of the evening was just before the end of Randolph's Leaps set when Sean who was doing all of the sound/recording, had to move his car as he was blocking someone in. This in turn lead to Adam Leap writing his future smash hit single 'Sean Don't Move Your Car Too Far', right there on the spot, it amused the fuck out of me at least. Anyway, here it is in all if it's glory the eighth Peenko Session featuring Randolph's Leap...

You can view all the videos for this session on my YouTube page.

Peenko Presents: The Mad Hatters Tea Party - Randolphs Leap by Seanlugs on Mixcloud

Once again thanks to Sean from LUGS for filming and recording all of this and Kirsty from the Hidden Lane Tea Rooms for letting us take over her awesome wee venue.

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