09 June 2011

Presenting: The Peenko Sessions #6 - Daniel G. Harmann

A couple of weeks back we put on our third ever live Peenko Sessions gig at the Hidden Lane Cafe in Glasgow, rather ace it was too. For me personally it's still the coolest place I have ever been to a gig at, the fact that it was me putting the night on might make slightly biased, but then again I can't think of a venue which is so intimate and sells the best cakes in Glasgow. For the last gig we had Randolph's Leap and I Build Collapsible Mountains, two acts that I have put records out with, so I guess it's safe to say that I knew them pretty well. The first artist on the bill, Daniel G. Harmann, I didn't really know much about, it was Luke (IBCM) that had originally asked me about putting on a gig with the pair of them as he was coming over to do a UK tour.
They are both signed to the same US label, Burning Building Recordings, where Luke is their only non home grown act. I must admit that I had only listened to a handful of Daniel's songs before he did this sessions, but he left me massively impressed. Anyway, I am going to try and get all of the sessions up at some point this week, for now though I reckon this session is a cracking way to get the week kicked off with...

A special thank you goes out to Sean from LUGS for filming and recording all of this, to Boab for his camera work skills, Kirsty for letting us take over her awesome cafe and to everyone who came along and made the evening as special as it was.

You can view the rest of Daniel's videos on my YouTube page.

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