13 June 2011

King Post Kitsch - The Party's Over: Track By Track

On Friday afternoon there I took part on a bloggers panel at goNorth up in Inverness, at which we could asked about how influential Scottish blogs are. I answered the question as honestly as I could, I simply don't know. I don't want to get a point were I get so big headed that I think everyone hangs on every word I say, although I would like to think I play a small part in making a difference to up and coming Scottish artists. One such act that I can say for certain that I have played my small part in helping is Charlie Ward, aka King Post Kitsch. Today he released his debut album, 'The Part's Over' today on Song By Toad Records, a stunning wee debut it is too.
So how did I play my part, well almost a year and a half ago Charlie emailed his self titled debut EP, which sat in my inbox for almost two months before I finally got round to listening to it. By the time that I did I was so impressed that I genuinely thought I'd missed the boat and that the rest of the blogosphere would already be all over him like a rash. In the end it turned out that everyone else had pretty much done the same as me, so after hearing his songs I almost took it as my personal mission to help him out a little, although I must I am surprised by how well things have worked out. In less than twelve months he's produced an album which is currently receiving rave reviews in both the mainstream press and through the blogosphere, plus he's 6Music legend, Marc Riley is a massive fan. Now I am not claiming that I managed to elevate him to that level, we have his label Song By Toad to thank for all of that. My claim to fame is that it was me that recommended that Matthew from Song By Toad check him out, he liked him enough that he offered to put his album out and the rest as they say is history. Seeing as I don't do reviews (cause I am not very good at them), I thought I'd get Charlie to tell you a bit more about the album so here he is to talk you through the album...

Portland Street Pt 2

I like that little riff, it's a piccolo. Piccolo-rock. The first song I recorded for the album.

01.King Post Kitsch - Portland Street Pt.2 by peenko2

Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone

Looking back now, I think this may be influenced by Too Much Monkey Business and The Sonics. It's should be, I listen to them often enough.

02.King Post Kitsch - Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone by peenko2

Fante's Last Stand

Wrote this after reading an article about John Fante writing his final book.

03.King Post Kitsch - Fante's Last Stand by peenko2

The Werewolf Hop

Typical song about wanting something you cant have and making a racket about it. Howling at the moon and all that.

04.King Post Kitsch - The Werewolf Hop by peenko2

Bricks and Bones

A song about a man who works in a factory all day, then goes home to a baby factory.

05.King Post Kitsch - Brick and Bones by peenko2

The New Gang

This is about an episode of Band of Brothers. I wrote a song for each episode but I thought better of a Band of Brothers concept album.

06.King Post Kitsch - The New Gang by peenko2

Walking On Eggshells

This started of as a folk song before I put an organ through a distortion pedal and my life changed forever.

07.King Post Kitsch - Walking on Eggshells by peenko2

You Talk Too Much

A song about good people doing bad things. The last song to be recorded for the album.

08.King Post Kitsch - You Talk Too Much by peenko2

Portland Street Pt 1

A song about the idiots who tore down tenements in Glasgow and replaced them with tower blocks.

Closing Time

About the last hour in an old mans pub when everyone is wired to the moon.

10.King Post Kitsch - Closing Time by peenko2

'The Party's Over' is available to order now through Song By Toad Records for the measly sum of £8, it's already one of my favourite albums of 2011, hopefully it will be for some of you too.

King Post Kitsch
Song By Toad Records

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