05 June 2011

I should never have scrapped the weekly roundup...

At the start of the year I decided to stop posting 7 days a week as to be honest I thought I needed to at least take one day off a week from blogging, plus I thought it only fair to save you all from my ramblings for one day. Which now leaves me with a load of gigs and bits of news and nowhere to post them, hence the randomness of these kind of posts, I am still sticking to my guns though, I'll manage one day off one week if it kills me.
As I am heading up to Inverness this week, things might be pretty quiet round these parts as I plan to actually be out seeing some bands instead of sitting in front of my laptop. So there will be no Friday Freebies as I quite fancy enjoying myself instead of scouring about for free downloads. If I get the chance though I might try and type up a daily diary of what I've been getting up to. Although that might be wishful thinking as I doubt my hungover ramblings will be of much interest to any of you and trying to write posts whilst intoxicated just leads to massive regrets, much as in the same way that you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near eBay when drunk. Anyway here are some gigs and bits of news that I think are worth sharing with you all...

I must admit I do like it when folk I know and respect suggest I check a band or an artist out, as it does make my job a lot easier. Earlier this week, Phil from Elba Sessions got in touch to suggest that I check out an artist called Mike Nisbet, who they had recently recorded a podcast with. What with being out most nights this week, I only got round to listening to the session yesterday but even after only a handful of listens I must I am mightily impressed and plan to try and find out more. You can make your own mind by listening to one of the session tracks below, if that tickles your fancy then get yourself along to the Ivy Bar in Glasgow on Thursday night (9th June) where Mike is having his official album launch with support from Jill Leighton. Further details can be found here.

Mike Nisbet - Funny Little Windows (Elba Session)

Lovers Turn To Monsters, aka Kyle Wood, launches his new album, 'Beyond Glasgow Howls' on the 16th of June at Slouch in Glasgow. Support on the evening comes from Where we Lay our Heads and So Many Animal Calls, also the gig itself is free. Lovers Turn To Monsters will be back in a few weeks time to take on some Fresh Meat action.

Another band having a wee launch night are the fabulously named, Mummy Short Arms, who release their debut single 'Cigarette Smuggling' through Flowers In The Dustbin. The launch night is this coming Friday (10th) Stereo in Glasgow. Support on the evening comes from Louise McVey & Cracks In The Concrete and Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, tickets can be purchased in advance using the following link.
I know I am always banging on about wanting to hearing something original, well I guess it's safe to say that this like nothing else that's going on in Scotland at the moment. So if you're looking for something that little bit different then look no further.

If you're looking for more of a fix of Scottish music and indie/alternative tunes then you're in luck as up and coming Edinburgh's internet based radio station, Prestongrange Radio have a new weekly show called The New Scottish Gentry. The show which is on every Tuesday from 8-10pm aims to promote the best in Scottish alternative music. You can find out more about the show on their Facebook page.

I am going to round this post off with a video from Peenko favourites, we're only afraid of NYC, who seem to have been away for ages. It's great to have them back, and it's even greater that they've come back with an awesome new tune and a video to go with it too. Nice to have you back boys, don't go disappearing off like that again though...

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