24 June 2011

Friday Freebies

Right this isn't technically a freebie as it's one of those pay what you like type scenarios, whether you choose to donate any pennies is up to you. The one thing that you do need to do is download their EP as it's fucking awesome, it's been a long time since I listened to something this good that wasn't emailed to me. Hailing from Edinburgh, the band describe their music as being 'heavy feather pop', fuck knows what that means, but it's probably a much better description than I would have come up with. You can find their EP, 'What You Building?' on their Bandcamp page, the band are having a launch night next Friday (1st July) at Super Club in Edinburgh. So if you're in the vicinity with nothing to do, then get yourself along to this one.

His Korner might have disappeared a while ago, but my blogger friend Kowalskiy has been keeping himself a busy boy as he's now onto his 12th Free EP. This months release features free downloads from Andrew Lindsay & the Coat Hooks, Innocents Civilian, The Tea Offensive, Le Reno Amps and The Black Hand Gang. You can download the EP directly from Mr Kowalskiy's Bandcamp page.

Twin Brother
Jamie who runs the excellent podcast, Net Sounds, in Inverness put me onto these guys earlier in the week. He suggested that their album 'Best Frenzy', might go down pretty well with folk who like Fleet Foxes, Department of Eagles or Doves. A pretty apt description in my opinion and a rather ace album too. You can download it for free on their Bandcamp, also make sure you check out Jamie's podcast, as its fucking ace.

Bon Iver
I am starting to think I might have to go back and give Mr Vernon's album another few listens, as it really does feel like I am very much in the minority of folk who didn't think much of his new self titled album. I think my friend Karl summed it up pretty well, when he suggested that it might be a good idea if Justin Vernon stopped taking so much fucking coke. Then again it did get a 9.5 review on Pitchfork, so perhaps that shows how much I know. Anyway, if you haven't already heard the album and am wondering what the fuck I am on about, RCRD LBL have a free download of the track 'Calgary' up for free download here.

Plastic Animals
For a Weegie I don't half talk about Edinburgh bands a lot on here, I am not sure whether it's just because I enjoy their scene more, or if just that Edinburgh bands just tend to email me more stuff. Whatever the fuck it is, I am not complaining. Plastic Animals have an EP out next month, I like it, I plan to feature them soon hopefully. Rather than making an attempt at describing them I am going to point you in the direction of a couple of free downloads that they have on their Bandcamp, then let them do all of the hard work in a few weeks time.

I won't bullshit you, I had no idea who this lot where until just the other day when I emailed Halina from the Podcart. Seeing as she's the goddess of indie knowledge she soon put me right, apparently they're one them there supergroups made up members of Frightened Rabbit, Galchen and Union of Knives. If song titles such as 'Pure massive pubes' and 'Get Tae Fuck Ya Artists Cunt' sound like your cup of tea, then get download them from here.

Having just played at goNorth and the Insider Festival, Edinburgh outfit Capitals, stock definitely seems to be on the up. Next month they're playing at King Tuts Summer Nights with Meursault and Over The Wall, then they have dates lined up in Berlin plus they've just been announced to appear at this years Edge Festival in August. With a mini album hopefully in the offing later in the year, the band are hinting on what lies in store by giving away their track 'Running and Hello World' for free in exchange for your email address.

I never really got the excitement surrounding Portishead, it's just not for me. It might be for you though, so you might be interested that ATP have posted up a 2 Hour mixtape curated by the band, featuring tracks from the likes of Doom, Caribou and Beach House. You can download the mix for nowt using the following link.

Having just rambled about how I don't like Portishead, I am now about to tell you about something that's a bit Trip Hop-esque that I do like. It's by a guy who goes under the guise of Peace who's from Glasgow and has made his new Hungry EP available to download for free, and that's pretty much all that I can tell you about him. You can listen to his songs on Soundcloud, then if you like them, there's a link on the right hand side of the page to download the EP for free.

Dan Wilde
Exciting new indie label, Littlest Mojo Music, who promote Roddy Woomble among others, have recently taken on a fella by the name of Dan Wilde. You can download his rather enchanting song 'Nowhere' for free on his Soundcloud page.


One of the things that I missed most at this goNorth was the chance to go and see a tonne of new bands, seeing as we were hosting our own night it would have been pretty rude if we'd have fucked off to another venue. Then again, we did have some a great line up, so there wasn't any real need for me to go anywhere else. So the next day when I was catching up with a few folk to find out what they'd enjoyed the previous day, the same name cropped up numerous times. 'Moddi, who the fuck is Moddi?', now I think I must have uttered this a few times, but it eventually seeped in as by the time I got home I was hunting some of his stuff down. It left me feeling two things, one I was happy that folk had told me about him and two, I was gutted that I had missed him. Hailing from Norway, Moddi's sweet acoustic have the power to be uplifting whilst also breaking your heart. You can find out yourself by heading over to his website where you will find a whole host of freebies.

Air Cav
On the odd occasion that I do listen to things that aren't Scottish, one of the main folk that I trust a lot is Ted who runs the excellent Cloud Sounds podcast. The boy knows his stuff, plus his rambling podcasts amuse the fuck out of me. One band that he has been banging on about recently are a Mancunian outfit by the name of Air Cav. Having checked out their Bandcamp page I can see why, see for yourself by downloading a couple of old singles for free.

Finding Fiction
Up and coming power pop outfit, Finding Fiction, who hail from Brooklyn, NYC, are currently giving away their new single 'Migraines & Sheep' for free download on their Bandcamp, catchy as fuck it is too.

Washed Out
Stereogum have a free download of new Washed Out song 'Amor Fati' taken from forthcoming post-chillwave album which is due out on Sub Pop next month.

Fat Cat's very own Mazes have posted up new demo track 'Brunswick Stack' for free download on their Souncloud.

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