14 May 2011

We've Got It Covered #50

It used to be that Saturday mornings were all about having a long lie in, since the arrival of Erin things have been somewhat turned on there head. My now routine on a Saturday now tends to involve getting up at 7am, feeding Erin, have a cup of tea and then write this post. Not that I complaining, as trying to write a post when you're hungover can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. Not today though as I am feeling rather sprightly, plus I am catching up on Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle from a couple of weeks ago which in a round about kind of way brings me round to what I wanted to to talk about. In the show there was a sketch involving a giant moth attacking folk, and what do giant moths remind me of, Jim Ayetunes of course.
For those of you don't follow Jim on Twitter, there was a period last year when he went through a stage of nearly being killed by moths. Yes, fucking moths. Then again that boy seems to be able to injure himself in ways that only he knows.
So why do I want to talk about Mr Ayetunes you might be wondering, well kids, seeing as everyone thinks we've fallen out (we've not), it seemed like the right time to revive our series of Ayetunes vs Peenko gigs to show that we're still friends. So in August we will be returning with AvP4: The Revenge.
We are going to be announcing the full line up on Monday, I am really excited by the bands that we have lined up for you, so hopefully you will be too. So check back in on Monday and we'll let you know a bit more. Until then here's this weeks cover versions, which come courtesy of my blogger friend Kowalskiy. Here's Bis covering an array of artist including New Order, Joy Division and The Smiths...

Bis -Hurt (New Order cover)

Bis - Looking From A Hill Top (Section 25 cover)
Bis - The Boy With A Thorn In His Side (The Smiths cover)

Bis - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

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