23 May 2011

Presenting: The Peenko Sessions #5 - Beerjacket

I guess it safe to say that sessions play a major role in the... erm popularity of this blog, I very much doubt that the majority of folk that come on here do so for my ramblings. If it's tune that you are after, then it's tunes that you shall have (good tunes at that). Back in March myself and Sean, who we have to thank for making this all happen, put on our second ever live session night. I have previously posted the session that Michael Cassidy performed, so now it's time for the main course, a live session from Glasgow's finest alt-folker, Beerjacket. I did think about rattling of an array of superlatives to describe just how awesome this night was, but it really wouldn't do it justice. You really had to be there to fully appreciate how much fun this intimate gig was, I guess you'll just have to console yourself with these recordings.

Track Listing
1. Poor Captain Of The Soul
2. Island
3. The Bar That Never Closes
4. Fresh Legs
5. Drum
6. House Of Toys
7. Blood Roses
8. The Blues
9. Belong In
10. Crooked Finger
11. Cave
12. Barricade


These recording were brought to us care of the amazing Sean Mccann from Light Up Glasgow's Skyline, a massive thanks goes out to him for making this all possible. Also, if you scroll down then you can check out the amazing paintings that Jenny Soep did on the evening, quite stunning I am sure you will agree. I'd also like to thank Kirsty for letting us take over the Hidden Lane Tea Room for the evening, it really is a special wee venue to be putting on live music in. If you can't be bothered downloading all of the tracks, then if you scroll to the bottom of this page there is a link embeded that will let you listen to or view the session in full.

Lastly, I will round this ramble up by letting you know that we're putting on our third live session on the 2nd of June with Randolph's Leap, I Build Collapsible Mountains and all the way from the US of A, Daniel G. Harmann. We only have a few spaces left, so if you fancy coming along either drop me an email or even better pre-book your tickets here.

The videos for all of the songs can be viewed on my YouTube page.

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