20 May 2011

Friday Freebies

Bon Iver
So the big question in indie circles at the start of the year was whether or not Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver could live up to the high standards he set up with his debut album 'For Emma, Forever Ago'. With his new self titled album due out soon, you can get a taster of what to expect by downloading new song Calgary, in exchange for your email address.

I briefly mentioned Edinburgh electro outfit, Discopolis in a post yesterday. If you read The Pop Cop blog (you should), then you might already know what a stir they caused amongst the judges of this years T Break stage. I guess that technically makes them the hottest band in Scotland at the moment, or at leats it makes them the hottest band in Scotland this week. I have given them a good few listens now and begrudgingly I have to admit that the judges were spot on, I am just disappointed that I didn't pick up on them first. If you fancy giving them a chance then check out their Soundcloud page where they have a few songs up for free download, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

The Second Hand Marching Band
A massive band with grand plans at least, I think that's the best way to describe the SHMB. I gave up counting how many of them are in the band a long time ago, not enough fingers you see. Last I heard the band were set to release 3 albums this year, plus they're also due to be playing at this goNorth (god knows how Inverness is going to find enough beds to put them all up), plus they're also playing at the Last Battle's EP launch in June, a gig which is being put on by Jim Ayetunes. They may wel have 3 albums worth of material, but they've still been working away on new songs. One of which is called 'Mull' and it's free to download here (just right click save).

Miaoux Miaoux
I have mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating that Miaoux Miaoux's new single Hey Sound is a belter of a tune. If you head over to his Soundcloud page then you can download a promo mix of material that includes the afore mentioned single. If it floats yer boat then come down to Mono on Tuesday for the single launch, where I will be attempting to DJ.

It's that time of the month again when my fellow blogger, Kowalskiy, puts out his new EP of local acts. This month he's got tracks from 4dayweekend, How Garbo Died, Matt Norris & the Moon, Laurence & the Slab Boys and Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers. Further details can be found here.

Glasgow folk-rock outfit, Foxgang have made their song 'White Picket Fence' available for free download on their Bandcamp.

Another freebie from a band who are also playing this years T Break stage. DF Concerts really seem to be bigging this powerpop outift up a fair bit, I am still sitting on the wall as I want to hear more before I make my mind up whether they're for me or not. You can decide for yourself by downloading Town For Tourists for now on their Bandcamp.

I appreciate that I have spent most of this post banging on about other bloggers, this is the last one I promise. Myke from edRock has posted up a whole load of sessions that they recorded at this years Haddowfest onto Bandcamp. You can find free acoustic tracks from Homework, Steve Heron and The Fire & I, among others, here.

Fionn Regan
The Irish singer-songwriter has put a free download of new track '100 Acres of Sycamore' on his homepage.


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