13 May 2011

Blah Blah Blah - Singles

If you are wondering what happened to this weeks Friday Freebies, to put it simply the Internet is royally fucked. For the past two days Blogger has been playing silly buggers and now that it's up and running again, Twitter has gone tits up. Which means that all of the Freebie tweets that I can't get access to all of the freebies that I had saved to my favourites. On the plus side though, this has meant that I can ramble pish about some stuff that has been exciting me lately.

First up, we have 'Snakes In The Grass', the new single from Sparrow and the Workshop. You might well have heard this a lot on 6Music and rightly so as it's arguably the best song I have heard all year. Don't believe me, well just stream it below and if you disagree then you should fuck off and never visit this site ever again. The single is officially due out on the 23rd of May, however, it's already up on iTunes. Actually this is the first song that I have downloaded from iTunes in years, normally I like to wait until an album comes out on CD before I buy anything. That should give you a good idea of how highly I rate this song.

The only song running the Sparra kids close for the race for my tune of the year would be the new Miaoux Miaoux, single 'Hey Sound!'. Which the press release described as being "a racing tropical dancefloor smash", which I guess sums it up far better than I ever could. By the reaction of Mrs Peenko who just described this song as elevator music, I am guessing that this might not be for everyone. For me it's a banging tune, yes, I did just use the word banging. Mind that I am old and should be excused this basis. Anyway, you can stream the song below, if it's for you then you can the single will be available from Monday 23rd May on iTunes and all the other digital download stores. The physical CD release will come backed with remixes from Dems and Dead Boy Robotics.

To celebrate the release of the single Miaoux Miaoux is having a launch party on Tuesday 24th May in Mono in Glasgow. Support on the evening from The Japanese War Effort and Nevada Base, plus muggins here will be DJing. Tickets are only £5 on the door, it'd be good to see a few of your pretty little faces coming down for the evening.

I know I have mentioned this before, but as it's Olive Grove that are putting this out it would be rude of me not mention that Randolph's Leap's new double A-side single 'Counting Sheep/Deep Blue Sea' comes out on Monday. I might well be biased, but I reckon it's one of the best things they've recorded so far. To celebrate the singles release we're having a wee launch night at Mono on Tuesday night (17th), support on the evening comes from the Moth & The Mirror and Burnt Island. It's only £3 to get in, which also includes a code to download the single for free.

Randolph's Leap - Counting Sheep by OliveGrove

Those with good memories might remember me featuring, Midnight Lion as one of my Ones To Watch in 2010. Since then the band dropped off my radar, however, now a year and a half later they to release their debut single, 'All Greatness Stands Firm', on a 7" single release on June 20th, on their own Locks & Keys imprint. Yes, I know it's hardly a new song, but it's nice to have them back, I know for sure that Jim Ayetunes will be pleased to have them back, or perhaps not.

All Greatness Stands Firm by Midnight Lion

Seeing as it's a Friday night (and I'm writing blog posts - WTF?!), I thought I'd sign off with something a bit grimy, so here's a video for the new She's Hit single, 'Shimmer Shimmer' which is out on the 23rd of May...

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  1. That is the one Midnight Lion song I quite like.