16 May 2011

Ayetunes vs Peenko 4: The Revenge

Yes, I know we said we weren't going to be doing any more Ayetunes vs Peenko gigs, but as everyone seems to think that Jim and I have fallen out, it felt right to prove that we do still love each other. What better way to do it than by reviving our series of AvP gigs, so on August the 20th, 2011 we will be taking over Stereo in Glasgow for our fourth Vs gig. This time round we've upped the anti somewhat, we've gone for our biggest venue to date, plus this time round we have a four band bill. So I am very pleased to announce that joining us in August we have former 'y'all is fantasy island' frontman, Adam Stafford, PAWS, Miaoux Miaoux and Mondegreen. Stick that in your pipe! In a bit of a twist to our previous outings, this will also be Adam Stafford's launch night for his stunning forthcoming LP "Build a Harbour Immediately". Although the pair of us know these artists really well, I am pretty sure that some of the names might be new to you so here's a wee introduction to all of the artists who will be playing at AvP4:

Adam Stafford - A Temple of The Holy Ghost

Adam Stafford - formerly the frontman of Falkirk's y'all is fantasy island, is set to release his forthcoming album, Build a Harbour Immediately, in August. I'll shit you not, it's one of the finest records that you'll hear all year. Both myself and Jim feel pretty honoured to be involved in the launch night for the album.

Scots Way-Hay

PAWS - Kim Deal

PAWS are arguable the best live band in Scotland at the moment, bold words you might argue. But they weren't mine, they in fact uttered by the manager of We Were Promised Jetpacks, so I think she might know a little about what a good live band sounds like. Personally I couldn't agree with her more as they blew me away in Edinburgh last month. Also, they just got announced that they'll be gracing the T Break stage at this years T in the Park, which I guess they'll be using as their warm up gig before AvP4.

Scots Way-Hay

Miaoux Miaoux - Knitted

Miaoux Miaoux - on Fridaay night I declared Miaous Miaoux's new single, 'Hey Sound' as one of my singles of the year so far. Even once I'd sobered up I stick by those words, not that he's a one trick pony as I have seen him play a few times now and each time he's been fucking amazing. I guess as he's more dance/electronica orientated, he might be deemed to be the surprise act on a more indie-rock bill, but we wouldn't have asked him if we didn't think he was up to the task.

Scots Way-Hay

Mondegreen -Speaking Clock Lighthouse

Mondegreen - On record they're sublime. Live, they're tighter than a nun's chuff. Completing the bill for AvP4 are Mondegreen, a cracking band from Glasgow, who have in the past been compared to Glasgow's answer to Pavement. Their cover of the Super Mario Bros soundtrack is worth the admission fee alone!

Scots Way-Hay

So there you have it, AvP4, we're back and we're surprisingly organised for once. Hand on heart I am really excited about the bands that we have lined up for you all. Tickets for the gig are on sale now from Tickets Scotland or via our BigCartel page for just £6. Myself and Jim will also be selling tickets in person for the discounted price of £5, so look out for us at gigs, in the pub or just out and about. Hopefully we'll see a few of you coming along for a night of awesome music.

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