23 April 2011

We've Got It Covered #47

I am feeling a wee bitty delicate today, too many shandies with Jim Ayetunes at the 13th Note might well have had something to do with that. Thankfully though Nic has been pretty good to me, letting me have a lie in and bringing me tea and toast in bed. Normally I like to have these posts up nice and early, so apologies for the lateness in getting this up. A morning of listening to Adam & Joe and trying (and failing) to do the Uncut crossword were far more appealing than hauling my backside out of bed.
As for last night I was out seeing Campfires in Winter and So Many Animal Calls, who's EP launch it was. It has been ages since the Campfire boys played live, too long in fact. The boys were on top form, with Denny from Macabre Scene continuing to stand in until the boys can find a new drummer. If anyone knows of a sticksman looking for a new band then give us a shout. The two new songs were sounding ace, plus it looks as if they have taken on baord some of the criticism they received for their last EP, as they seemed to take a much more mature approach to their sound.
As for So Many Animal Calls, I was genuinely taken aback by the crowd reaction they received, that was the first time in ages that I have seen so many of the audience loudly singing along with the songs. I couldn't help but thinking that their lead singer bared a resemblance to Justin Bieber (I now know who he is), which possibly explained the amount of female attention he seemed to be getting. From the buzz they have around them I think we can expect to see bigger things from them.

I should point out now that I didn't actually mean to turn this post into a live review, honest I didn't. I had in fact meant to ramble something about hipsters, Neutral Milk Hotel and how I am hungover, instead I will wrap up this post and leave you with this cover of Two Head Boy by My Latest Novel.

My Latest Novel-Two Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)

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