09 April 2011

We've Got It Covered #45

Today I feel tired, very very tired. Thursdays nights shenanigans at Wide Days are still catching up with me, that and my daughter waking up a number of times in the night. So please forgive me if I ramble a bit more than normal, yes, that is actually possible. Ahead of me today I really need to get my finger and draft something about Wide Days or I could paint the bathroom. Basically I am stuck between two jobs that I am putting off due to laziness.
I am guessing that you didn't come on here to listen to me feeling sorry for myself, you're only here to check out this weeks cover version. This week I thought I'd spoil you with two cover versions from the fabulous Admiral Fallow and their take on the Associates and Old Crow Medicine Show both of which were recorded for Radio Scotland. I should also point out that the band recently re-released their debut album 'Boots Met My Face', if you haven't already got a copy of the album, then I'd urge you to check it out as it was one of my favourite albums of last year. Right, that's enough of my sales pitch, I best be getting on with one of today's tasks, either that or perhaps I am going to sit here fannying about online...

Admiral Fallow-Party Fears 2 (Associates cover)

Admiral Fallow-Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show cover)

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