04 April 2011

Time to give something back

Is it just me or does the world seem as if the number of horrible things taking place around the world have sky rocketed in the past couple of months. Be it earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, it's safe to say that we are currently living in pretty grim times. On the plus side at least we have a royal wedding to look forward to, fuck at least it gets you a day off work.
We might all well be fucked, but at least there are still folk out there who are passionate enough to get off their backsides to try and make positive steps to bring a little bit of goodness to the world. In the past week there have been numerous charity ventures from folk within the music industry, be it fund raising for the people of Japan or things a little bit closer to home, they all deserve our appreciation for trying to make a difference. Here's a break down of some musical projects/gigs that you should be checking out...

"When Akira MacLellan, cellist in Glaswegian band Randolph’s Leap, had a chat with his sister Cat about making a fundraiser compilation CD of local bands to help raise money for the British Red Cross’s Japan Tsunami Appeal, he expected it might consist of the four bands playing at his upcoming gig. However, two weeks down the line and with some networking help from local indie promoters Paul Downie and Vicki Cole (Pelmet Nites and Gathering Whispers respectively), the team of four now find themselves sitting on a 15 track album featuring internationally respected and well known local bands alike.

Inspired by Andrew and Cat’s family connection to the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters (their mother is Japanese), Cat recently returned from Japan where she has lived and worked for five years to help out with the project, which now boasts contributions from excellent Scottish bands including (amongst many more) Frightened Rabbit, The Unwinding Hours, Endor, Popup, Esperi, Inspector Tapehead, Lightguides, Randolph’s Leap, Part Wind Part Wolf, Kitty The Lion. Originally conceived as a last minute project where they would produce 70 hand made physical copies to sell on 31st March at Paul and Vicki’s Captain’s Rest show, the team have been so overwhelmed by this rapid coming together of the Scottish music scene that they have also opted to release the album digitally in order to raise further funds for the cause. The album will see its digital release on Monday 11th April through such online retailers as iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and eMusic." Further details can be found here.

"Many of us Scottish musicians have received so much love and support over the years from friends and fans in Japan. Now we want to send some love and support back to the people of Japan. 'Love Letter to Japan' is a special compilation album that will be available to purchase via Bandcamp for one month only from Monday, April 11th. All funds from online sales of this album will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross relief efforts.

Here's who's on it: The Pastels, Craig Armstrong, Eugenius, Snowgoose, BMX Bandits, Stevie Jackson, Alasdair Roberts, Paul Quinn, Bill Wells, Hidden Masters, Jo Mango, The Pearlfishers, Ally Kerr, Lenzie Moss, St. Deluxe, Randolph's Leap and Momus. Most of the tracks on the compilation are previously unreleased (including the first new Eugenius track in 15 years), the others are not widely available elsewhere. The album 'Love Letter to Japan', including artwork, will be exclusively available to download at Bandcamp from April 11th 2011."

"Leith based Youngteam Records have just announced that they are going to be releasing a wee compilation album in support of The Sick Kids Friends Foundation. Containing twenty-one tracks from Edinburgh based bands, the album, including Frantic Chant, White Heath, The Thanes, OK Social Club, Epic26, Delta Mainline, Steve Heron, The Valkarys, My Electric Love Affair, The 10.04s, Matt Norris & The Moon, The Jackals, Imperial Racing Club, Scrap Brain, The Steals, The Remnant Kings, John Durnan, The Lunes, David Winpenny, Inspired and Nicky Carder. Entitled ‘No Colour Too Strong to Paint’, the album will be available to download from 7th May.

The organisers have also got a gig lined up to coincide with the launch, featuring live performances from eight of the bands who appear on the album, including Frantic Chant, White Heath, My Electric Love Affair, Steve Heron, OK Social Club, The Steals, The Remnant Kings and David Winpenny. It's being held at Maggie's Chamber in Edinburgh, for those of you who don't know where that is (like me), it's located above The Three Sisters, 139 Cowgate, Edinburgh. Tickets are available online now from Ticketweb, priced at just£5.

The album will be available to download from all the major online retailers for £6, plus a limited edition CD will be available to buy on the night of the launch.Further information can be found on their Facebook Group."

"S.A.V.I (Sexual Assault Victims Initiative) are having a fundraising event on the 24th April 2011 at Glasgow's newest music venue Apollo 23 (Renfrew street next to Cineworld). The event will run from 7:30pm onwards, featuring four brilliant bands: Kris Tennant, Mocker, SevenCaves and Matt Johnston

We are a group of volunteers that decided to do an event for a charity. As a group we decided that a charity gig would be the way forward for us as we have all had some experience setting up concerts and going to local gigs.

We decided to help S.A.V.I because, as a group, we felt that it is a tough subject to talk about and it doesn’t attract the attention it deserves unlike other high profile issues.

Further details can be found here".

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