30 April 2011

"Time is precious and everyone wants a piece of it"

"Time is precious and everyone wants a piece of it", very profound words, sadly it wasn't me that first said. Credit for that goes to a nice fella called Danny who manages the Sea Kings, never the less what he had to say struck a chord with me as nowadays I do find it a lot harder to keep on top of everything that I get sent. I used to be able to pride myself at being able to keep my inbox relatively clear, however in the past few months I guess things have just gotten on top of me and I now have a stack of unanswered emails waiting to be dealt with. So if you've sent me anything over the past few months and haven't heard anything back from me, I am not ignoring you, I just struggle to find the time to reply to everyone. For that reason I thought it would be a good idea to post some links to things that I have listened to and enjoyed recently.

First up we have Doug Johnstone and his debut solo EP, ‘Keep it Afloat’ which is officially due out tomorrow, but you can already nab yourself a copy on his Bandcamp page. Spookily I had been talking to my wife about Doug just a couple of days before he got in touch, however, it wasn't because of his music, it was because he had just released his latest book, 'Smokeheads'. As we had picked up his last novel, 'The Ossians' at Fences' Home Game Festival back in 2009, I was intrigued to hear what his music would sound like. Having cut his teeth in Scottish 'lo-fi shamblers' and part-time Fence Collective associates Northern Alliance, Doug's debut EP features songs about parenthood, homesickness, the creative process and having a car crash with Bjork. This won't necessarily appeal to everyone, as it is quite a lo-fi release, the lyrics are a wee bit clunky and he doesn't have the greatest voice in the world. That being said, I do really like this EP, there is something very endearing about it. If you are going to give it a chance then check out 'Keep It Afloat'.

Blue Sky Archives released their new EP, 'Plural', Blue Sky Archives', way back in March, but I've only now found the time to get round to listening to it (see I told you I was rubbish). The Glasgow five piece are quite unique in that their sound blends elements of post-rock with pop, as the summer months approach I am sure that you can expect to see them sound tracking a number of festivals.

Having firmly established themselves in their home town, Edinburgh four piece, Sebastian Dangerfield, release their new EP, ‘The Sound of the Old Machines’ this coming Monday (2nd May). The record is a mixture of brand new material and re-workings of previously self-recorded tracks. Having already gained a lot of exposure after featuring in the Pop Cops' last Music Alliance Pact post, the band look see for bigger things with this a catchy wee pop record.

Some of you with good memories might be able to remember the very first Scots Way-Hay post that I featured was with an Edinburgh called Ardentjohn, way back in February of last year. Since then things have been pretty quiet from the band, so it came as a nice surprise to receive word from Al Shields from the band who had been busy working away on a solo EP, Some Songs. Taking much more of a country tinge to his sound, Al is currently working away on his full-length debut album, which is due out later this summer 2011. You can stream his latest below and find out further information on his website.

Some Songs EP by alshields

I am going to sign off this wee post with some brutal fucking noise from Glasgow's very own United Fruit, who's debut album Fault Lines is out at the end of May. Having listened to my partner in crime, Halina of Glasgow Podcart cream her pants over this band for a while now, it has taken me an age to finally get my finger out and give them the once over. On first listen their At the Drive In meets McLusky noise is very much in your face, in a good way. Keep your ears peeled for a lot more from the Glasgow four piece.

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