04 April 2011

Presenting: The Peenko Sessions #4 - Michael Cassidy

Things seem to be going well for Michael Cassidy at the moment; yesterday he had the double whammy of supporting Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly in Newcastle, and making his debut on radio 1 when Ally McCrae gave Everybody’s Scared a spin. The Paisley- based singer-songwriter is definitely one to keep an eye on.

A Massive shout out to the very talented Sean McCann from 'Light Up Glasgow Skyline' for recording, filming and editing all of this for me.

Hidden-Lane Tea Room
Michael Cassidy
Light Up Glasgow Skyline

This awesome painted picture comes courtesy of the lovely Ms Jenny Soep, go check out the rest of her work on her blog.

1. The Gulf Between

2. My Electric Heart

3. Montpellier

4. Till You

5. Everybody's Scared

6. Say My Name

7. 15 years.


  1. This guy is really good. I heard everybody's Scared back when the video first hit youtube (it got posted on the Kerrydale Street forum) but I hadn't heard any of his other stuff. I think you're right in saying he's one to keep an eye on though. Seems like a great talent.

  2. cheers dude, I appreciate you saying that. I hadn't thought about posting a link on KDS, will get that sorted now though

  3. Really nice indeed!!!!
    A couple of pics from a Edinburgh's Gig

  4. I ran across your blog post last week as well as you've got really inspired me personally to begin crocheting again! I had been simply wondering if you've been capable of send me personally the actual routine because of this specific beret (it really is cute!) since the url won't appear to be doing work for myself..? I'd really regards!