18 April 2011

Le Reno Amps - Appetite: Track By Track

"I should warn you there's a wee set of titties on the cover, try and contain your excitement (is that a yacht in your pocket!?)" - Al, Le Reno Amps

In terms of trying to sell a record to me, Al from Armellodie certainly knows how to grab my attention. Yes, the album has titties on the cover and yes that did excite me, but once I got over all the excitement of the album cover I was pleasantly surprised by this hidden gem of a n album. On what is their third long player, the boys from the Highlands have produced a corking wee album that covers an array of genres from creepy pop through to country. Like a roller coaster, it's not a comfortable ride, but it's certainly one that you will want to go back on. Here's Scott Maple from the 'Amps to talk you through the album

This One's Not Waiting

Ironically, this one did. Al disputes this but I'm sure we premièred this as a duo to a bunch of disinterested schoolkids about 4 years ago. A long time ago indeed, but we don't hold grudges.

This One's Not Waiting by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie

Bad Blood

This song is directly about Jay Bennet and Jeff Tweedy, if indirectly so.

Bad Blood by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie

Never Be Alone

Often we write as individuals and finish up a song together, but this one we wrote in tandem, chucking shit at the wall and seeing what stuck. We had a lot of fun with this one. I think if there is a Le Reno Amps' sound, this may define it.

Never Be Alone by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie

Saturation Day

We need another song for the album. "what about that Elvis Costello cover Al?" "it's not a fucking cover" "oh, well let's do it anyway"


Bit of a push this, but what happens to all those hopes and dreams that are never realised?

I'm Alive

They come and go, those new sensations - with compensate imaginations. So why oh why am I still alive? It's simple really, we do what we do because we do what we do. We may all be shouting into a void but it beats doing nothing.

Cottonmouth Rock

Musically, it's an Elton John steer on a duo who stopped before starting. Lyrically it's about reminding you to put the cat out at night before you go to bed. Sonically it's Suzi Quatro, pre-menopause.

Cottonmouth Rock by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie


This song is saying that if you're the committing type, don't commit to anything unless you're 100% committed. Musically it's another waltz, but we took it somewhere different - for us at least. I'm not sure if we put enough bridges in though, if we'd added one more bridge this song could have crossed the Ljubljanica.

You Must Remember

Bit of a character song this, written from the psycho's perspective. "I used to be a werewolf but I'm all right nowoooooooohh!" For anyone who's ever had a psycho for a boy/girlfriend, I apologise.

Stuck in Your Throat

When we were recording the guides for this, I was like "I don't know if this is going to float Al", and Al was like "Oh I'm really confident this is going to float". Then when we had tracked it Al was like "I don't know if this is going to float C" (for that is what he calls me), but I was like, "Oh this is defo going to float like. It's unconventionally conventional" Then when I mixed it we were both like "Yay, this defo floats". We've been trying to write a troll or cyclic piece into a song for ages now, and we finally managed it with this song.

Faded Star

I used to be the shit, but now I'm just shit. Nothing to look forward to but dark empty space.

Appetite is available to buy now on Bandcamp, the band celebrate the launch of their new album with a gig at the Captains Rest this coming Thursday (21st of April), with support from Douglas Firs, Super Adventure Club and Galoshins. Tickets are only £5 and it all kicks off around 7:30pm.

Le Reno Amps
Armellodie Records

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