03 April 2011

'Good Bye' The Social Services....'Hello' Tall Tales

It's been a wee while since I have mentioned anything about The Social Services, since we last caught up with them back in August last year. Since we last heard from them they've been busy readying new material and changed their name to Tall Tales. I caught up with Lucy from the band to ask her about the change of name and what future plans the band have.

Why the change of name?

I suppose it's a lot to do with the context we're in - The Social Services started out in Stockholm and was very much about trying to entice the Swedes into the quagmire of social interaction. Also some of the lyrics were quite political, and there was a lot of stuff about feeling like an outsider. The name somehow felt relevant to all that. Since arriving in Glasgow the name has made less and less sense. So it just felt like time for a new name and a slightly different direction.

Does this mean you are making a change to your sound?

Well, we now have a new member, who is able to master most of the instruments known to man shortly after purchasing them off eBay (and even knows about things like the names of chords, which the rest of us have previously shunned) so the sound is definitely richer now. We've dropped our total guitar ban, so there may be occasional strummy things appearing. Being back in Scotland has reminded us of folky influences, both musically and lyrically - there's more of a storytelling thing going on now. Hence the new name.

Can we expect to hear anything new from you soon?

Absolutely. We're just putting the finishing touches to an EP at the moment so it should be out by the summer. We have loads of new material taking shape so we're hoping to record an album later in the year as well. Also we're working on a collaborative venture, which is yet to be named, but which involves some of the best bands around in Glasgow at the moment. We'll be taking that to a couple of festivals in the summer. Quite excited about that.

In celebration of their new name, Tall Tales roped in Ben from Bear Bones to make this wee video for them...

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