22 April 2011

Friday Freebies

Edwyn Collins
Edwyn’s col­lab­or­a­tion with The Drums is available to download for free on his homepage.

Our blogger mate posted up his 10th Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP this week, this months EP features Bottle of Evil, The Last of Barrett's Privateers, Jump: Press A, Loch Awe and Pooch. You can find find out more details here.

Johnny Reb
Having spent much of last year out in Portugal recording with Morrissey's guitarist Boz Boorer, Johnny Reb have made all of the sessions they recorded free to download on their Bandcamp.

Burnt Island
Peenko favourites, Burnt Island will be playing at this year’s Edinburgh Grassmarket Festival and at Fence's Homegame. Festival To coincide with these appearances, their label Chaffinch Records have made their song The Year Of Open Doors available for free download.

Panda Su
The awesome Panda Su released their new EP on Monday there, as part of the promotional tour they recorded a session for Folk Radio. You can download the session in full here.

United Fruit
If you like your bands to be noisy then United Fruited should be right up your street, you can make your won mind up though by downloading their song 'Go Away, Don't Leave Me Alone' for free here.

Alexi Murdoch
The title track of his new album Towards The Sun is available for free download via Bandcamp.
Check out the Pop Cop for an interview on his feelings about nationality.

Parts & Labor
KEXP have a free download of new Parts & Labor track 'Rush' up for grabs here.

Ginger Wildheart
You can download a free 10 track Ginger album on his Bandcamp page.

Jennie Abrahamson
Her new single "Wolf hour" is available now as a free download on Soundcloud.

Dan Dan Dan
Edinburgh's Dan Dan Dan have a couple of free downloads up for grabs on their Bandcamp.

Ya Ya Club

As a precursor to his debut commercial release, 'Born In The Eighties E.P.' Ya Ya Club have recorded an additional acoustic E.P. which can be downloaded for free here.


  1. Anonymous22/4/11

    It's starting to seem that the weeks I don't feature on this in some respect are few and far between...

    (From Matthew, Loch Awe)

  2. do you want your own weekly post then?

  3. Anonymous22/4/11

    I wouldn't say no... :P