15 April 2011

Friday Freebies

Apologies for the lateness of this weeks freebies, I have up north all week visiting my folks and I didn't get back until late this evening. Rather than relax and put my feet up I am going to batter through a very full inbox, but before I do that I managed to knock together this weeks Friday Freebies. Don't say I am not good to you!

Have I mentioned that our label Olive Grove have another album coming out very soon and that it's completely different to anything we've done before? If not, then we have a new album coming out very soon and it's with Dundee's finest Pensioner. The album genuinely took me by surprise, I fully expect it do the same to a lot of you. In anticipation of their album, Yearlings, the band have posted a free download of their song Gadgie Weddin' on their Bandcamp page. Get stuck in kids.

Martin John Henry
After a barn storming set at the recent Kid Canaveral SXSW fund raiser gig, the former De Rosa front man announced this week that he will be playing at this years Home Game festival in May. To celebrate this, he's made all of the songs on his Bandcamp free to download, I would suggest you check out 'I Love Map' which has been a personal favourite of mine for a while now.

The Head and the Heart
Mind I was banging on about this lot at the start of the year, possibly not, but you really should check this Seattle band out as they're a cracking band. You can download yourself some tunes here in exchange for your email address.

Verse Metrics
Edinburgh outfit, Verse Metrics have posted their song 'Horoscopes' from the E.P 'VM1' for free download on their homepage in exchange for a tweet/facebook post or you can get it direct on their Soundcloud page.

Panda Bear
Noah Lennox, he of Animal Collective fame is back with a new album, Tomboy. Following on form the success of Person Pitch, you can download new track Last At The Jetty here.

Silver Caves
On the 30th of April the good folk from the Glad Cafe will be putting on another gig in the southside, this time round they're returning to the Pandora Bar on Victoria Road for another evening of quality music. This time round they've got Fox Gut Daata, Silver Caves (formely Barn Owl) and Field Mouse providing the entertainment for the evening. You can check out Silver Caves by downloading a couple of free tunes from their Bandcamp page.

My Morning Jacket
I can't say that I have been a massive fan of My Morning Jacket, I did try and buy into the hype when everyone was creaming their pants over It Still Moves, way back in 2003 (fuck, that makes me feel very old). Since then I haven't really bothered with them, some of you might still like them though, so you'll be interested to know that new song "Circuital" is free here.

And So I Watch You From Afar

Belfast pot-rockers return with new album, 'Gangs' at the end of this month. You can download new song 'BeautifulUniverseMasterChampion' from it, for free on Soundcloud.

Sputniks Down
Ever wondered what RM Hubbert's singing voice sounds like, well wonder no more by downloading this free tune from Sputniks Down here.

Mitchell Museum
Ever wanted to hear Raindeer from Mitchell Museum covering Roy Orbison's 'Crying'? No me neither, but you can download it for nowt here, there is also a video to go with it too. He's also promised to post a cover version every two weeks, so prepare yourself for more of this nonsense in the weeks to come.

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