05 March 2011

We've Got It Covered #41

It's Saturday morning and by the time that this post goes live, myself and Nic will be off to the flicks for our first ever baby cinema experience. In my head this will be a tortuous couple of hours spent listening to other peoples children scream their heads off.
Talking of screaming, last night PAWS launched their new EP at the Captains Rest with from what I have heard was a pretty amazing live show. Sadly I couldn't make it along for the main event, I did however, manage to catch the band playing their first and possibly last ever acoustic show as they played an instore at Love Music. This was my first experience of catching the band live and even though I didn't get the full effect of the PAWS live show, I was mightily impressed. Their college slacker rock sound took me back to my youth, which is quite a while ago now. In fact their lyrics reminded me a lot of some early Daniel Johnston stuff, so it makes sense that they'd choose to cover the big man. So here it is, this weeks cover is the amazing PAWS covering Daniel Johnston, happy fucking days.

PAWS - I Live My Broken Dreams (Daniel Johnston Cover)

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