25 March 2011

Friday Freebies

King Post Kitsch
I know I have said this umpteen times before, but I'll say it again. I am very fucking excited about the forthcoming King Post Kitsch album. If his new EP, 'Some Call It Hell, But It's Home' is anything to go by then I am pretty sure I won't be disappointed. You too can feel the excitement by downloading the EP for free here.

Tiny Birds
I always find the best way to find out about new music is through recommendations from my peers, this little freebie came courtesy of our friend DC from the Waiting Room who tipped me off about Tiny Birds. Their new album sounds quintessentially English, it reminds a wee bit of Jeremy Warmsley's first album, no bad thing in my eyes or should that be ears? Either way you can download the album and make your own mind up.

The Darien Venture
It's been a pretty exciting week for The Darien Venture, they've been signed up by exciting new Glagsow label, Overlook Records. To celebrate this momentous occasion they're giving away 'The Back to the Future EP' for free download on their Bandcamp.

Francis Macdonald
Teenage Fanclub drummer Francis Macdonald, has just released posted "Maculate Conceptions"an instrumental album that he recorded on his MacBook computer during the Fannies European tour in Nov/Dec 2010, up for free on his Bandcamp page.

Animal Collective
In anticipation of their forthcoming ATP curation, Animal Collective have posted a mixtape featuring an array of talent, which includes songs from various artists including Beach House, Meat Puppets, Spectrum, The Frogs and of course Animal Collective. You can download it here.

The NYC experimental outfit have a free download of their new song, 'Ice Cream' up for grabs on their homepage.

Ever wondered what FOUND covering the Quantum Leap theme tune might sound like, no me neither, but now thanks to the wonders of the internet you can. Download it here.

Perth's finest, have made their new single 'Mask' free to download on their homepage. Describing themselves as being 'quite dark and cinematic but with a pop sensibility', a far better summation than I would have come up with. They will be playing King Tuts on the 25th of April, in support of the physical release of the single.

The Raveonettes
KEXP have a free download of a new tune from The Raveonettes, you'll find 'Forget That You’re Young' here.

Bill Callahan
Taken form his forthcoming new album, Apocalypse, Smog main man's new song 'Baby's Breath' is free to download over on Stereogum

The Big Nowhere
The Glasgow alt-folkers have made their new EP, 'Things We Lost In The Flood' available to download for free on their Soundcloud page.

Scottish alt-folk power pop outfit, Dropkick have a whole load of albums up for free download here.

Throwing Muses
You can download acoustic versions of songs from Rat Girl as performed by Throwing Muses here.

Jonnie Common
Inspector Tapehead member and all round talented fella, Jonnie Common, has posted up a wee remix for free download on his Bandcamp

Jump: Press A
Edinburgh rock outfit, Jump: Press A, have made their new EP, 'In Case Of Emergency' available to download for free on Bandcamp. You can see the band playing live when they support Scrap Brain at their single launch on the 8th April at Maggies Chamber in Edinburgh.

There will be no Friday Freebies next week as I am out at gigs on Wednesday and Thursday night, sorry kids. On the plus side that does mean a double roll over for next week.

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