04 March 2011

Friday Freebies

Sorry about the lack of Freebies last week, as I was putting on the Kid Canaveral gig last week, I didn't get home till late. Then the distractions of real life such as sleep, a baby and having to go to work all conspired against me. On the plus side, that means that this weeks post is a double roll over of awesome free tunes. Right, I guess I best get on with the show then...

They're baaaack! Yes boys and girls, it's the long awaited return of the most fun band in Scotland. Having spent the end of last year over in LA recording their new album with Ross Robinson, the band are giving away a free download of their awesome new song E Numbers for nowt. Also, if you're quick off the mark then you might still be able to get your grubby paws on a ticket for their very intimate show at the The Ivy in Glasgow. I got my ticket through today and Mrs Peenko took the huff as I am taking Jim Ayetunes and not her. Last time we saw Dananana she hated them, you really can't win some times.

It's been a long time since we've heard anything from Edinburgh's Homework, having checked back from my archives it was way back in August of 2009 that I last featured them. Hasn't the time just flown in, well now they're back and they're giving away a free download of Why Oh Why, which is taken from their forthcoming debut album. A welcome return indeed.

Spaghetti Anywhere
Another band making a welcome return are the amazing Spaghetti Anywhere, who are giving away a free download of their new single Arrochar. Nice to have the boys back, hopefully this is means that there is an album somewhere in the pipeline.

White Denim

Austin is one lucky city, not only do they get to host the coolest music festival in the world, but it's also the home town of one of the finest rock bands of the moment. Having broken through with the briliant Workout Holiday, the band are set to return with a new album shortly. You can download new song Drug for free here.

As I am sitting typing this weeks freebies up, FOUND are launching their awesome new album Factory Craft with a gig in Edinburgh. Next Friday they'll be doing the same in Glasgow, awesome times await. Soon we'll be coming to the end of their series of Friday give aways, as always I am in the dark as to what you can expect. It'll be good and it will be free that's all I can tell you for certain.


I am not sure if I'll ever go back and listen to the Guillemots ever again, their second album was such an abomination that it pretty much ruined it for me. Yes, I'm fickle, but in a world were I get bombarded with loads of new music every day I can be as choosy as I want. If you're still willing to give them a chance, or they never fell out of favour in your eyes, then you might be interested to learn that they've made new song 'Walk The River' available for download.

It's good to see that the rumours of Debutant's demise were just rumours as he's back and he's even got a free album up for you to download for free.

Trapped Mice
The up and coming Edinburgh starlets are giving away a free download of their song, Pioneer Song on their Bandcamp page. The song is a wee teaser in anticipation of the bands forthcoming EP launch tomorrow night at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh with Loch Awe. Sterling work.

Manchester Orchestra
I am still of the opinion that this band are too good to have such a shit name, I guess there's no turning back now. They have a new album out in May which I am pretty excited about, you can find a free download of the title track Simple Math here. Good times await.

Bear Driver
They're off to SXSW in a week or so, if you're going to be out in Austin I'd urge you to check this mob out. They've been giving away an array of free songs in anticipation of heading across the pond, you'll find them all here.

Mark Corbett
I will be running a wee feature with Mark in a few weeks time, so I won't divulge too much just yet. All that you need to know for now is he's from Edinburgh, he's got a cracking wee EP and you can download one of the songs from it for free here.

The Fire And I
Having featured pretty well in last years Scottish BAMS awards, the Bathgate four piece are giving away a free download in exchange for you signing up to their official fan list.

Bottle of Evil
Former Fresh Meat stars, Bottle of Evil are giving away a free download of an instrumental version of their self titled album, you can get yourself a copy here.

Evil Hand
Following on from Bottle of Evil, their side project Evil Hand also has a free download of their album Huldra up for grabs.

Summer Camp
The ultimate hipster duo are all set to release their debut album later this summer, as a wee teaser of what you can expect, Gorilla vs Bear have a free download of new song I Want You up for grabs.


Paisley's finest rock outfit, Carnivores are giving away a free track from their mini-album, get Nights of Infinity here.

The only things that I really know about Hauschka are that he's signed to Fat Cat, he did something on the last Frabbit album and that he has a free download of his new song 'Ping' up for grabs here.

Stray Kites
Hailing from Virginia, Stray Kites are a cracking wee band who have causing a fair bit of excitement on the old blogosphere. You can find out what's been getting the kids all excited by downloading their new single Misanthrope for free.

Anni Rossi

Go here to get yourself a free download Anni Rossi's new single 'Land Majestic' here.

Bubblegum Records have put a collection of 3 songs from Starshy up for free download, find it here.

How Garbo Died
The Glasgow post punk electronica outfit have made a collection of their songs available for free download here.

Download their WhiteVersions for free here.

Download their new song She Wants taken from their forthcoming new album The English Riveria here.

Young Legionnaire
Sign up to their mailing list to get the brand new song 'Chapter, Verse'.

Columbia Label Sampler
Last but not least for this week, Amazon have a free compilation from Columbia up for grabs, it includes tracks from Band of Horses, Sleigh Bells and loads of shite stuff. Download it here.


  1. Is it my turn to wear the dress for the Danananananananakroyd gig?

  2. and the bunny ears!

  3. You weren't kidding about a double rollover!