22 March 2011

Craig B (The Unwinding Hours) - Glasgow Podcart Session

As I am sure that most of you are well aware, I am pretty good friends with the Glasgow Podcart crew. So last week I sent them a cheeky wee email asking if they could send me the MP3s of a session they recorded with Craig B from The Unwinding Hours, they were kind enough to oblige and they even said I could share the songs with all of you. Ain't that kind of them! Recorded in Halina from the Podcart's living room, the session is up to stream now on this weeks podcast. It also features a wee interview with Craig, which is well worth a listen. You can listen back to it and watch the videos here.

Track Listing
1. Burning River
2. Wayward
3. Annie Jane



  1. brilliant Peenko
    just brilliant

    Thank You

  2. aw thanks! the credit should really go to Glasgow Podcart for sharing it with me