29 March 2011

Bronto Skylift - SXSW Tour Diary (Day 1)

When I first asked Bronto Skylift to do a wee a SXSW tour diary for me, I really had no idea what they'd come back. All I could knew for sure was that it certainly wouldn't be something run of the mill. Let's just say they didn't disappoint, here's Day One of Bronto's assault on America...
(click the picture for a larger version)
Bronto Skylift Bronto Skylift -Eagle/Falcon (Vic Galloway Session)


  1. Anonymous30/3/11

    This is why Scotland is proud of the Bronto xx

  2. Anonymous30/3/11

    Greatest , most inspiring band to come out of Scotland in recent years. Bronto are everything that is right about the music industry today

  3. Anonymous30/3/11

    neat writer! Amazing Live band!!