09 March 2011

Bits and bobs

Ever since I scrapped my Weekly Roundup posts I've ended up with loads of bits of news that I should share with you all, but my rigid structure has stifled things a wee bit. Hence every once in a while when I get some free time I'm going to post up one of these random news posts.

First up we have a wee reminder that you only have until midnight tomorrow (Thursday 10th) to get yourself discounted Early Bird tickets for this years Wide Days event in Edinburgh. For those of you who don't know, Wide Days is an industry event aimed at up and coming musicians which gives them the opportunity to come along and attend seminars on things like touring, SXSW and many others. It's also a great opportunity for you to get to have access to speak to industry folk in person that you wouldn't normally be able to get anywhere near. If you're serious about pursuing a career in music then this is something that you really need to get yourself down to. Plus mind and be quick and get your tickets nice and early at the cheaper price.

He's been off the scene for a while, but thankfully Ally from the Glasgow Podcart has returned to fold (nice to have you back sir), and his come back heralds the return of Mix_Up_Mayhem.

The concept behind Mix_Up_Mayhem they have three acts, of which each band will play there own tunes, plus they have to play a cover of each of the other two bands' songs and as if that was enough they also have to play at least one well known cover too. Now that's a challenge and a half if ever I heard one, the next acts with the balls to step up to the plate are none other than Other People, You Already Know and Carnivores. Now there's an evening of carnage if ever I heard one. The night takes place on Friday 25th March at Mix_Up_Mayhem's new spiritual home of Bar Bloc in Glasgow, you can find further details here.

Lastly, new Scottish festival, Doune the Rabbit Hole have announced that they're returning for a second outing. Last years festival had a cracking wee line up, but it didn't appear to be promoted all that well, thankfully though the organisers seem to have recognised this and have addressed this accordingly. The festival takes place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of June, in the beautiful countryside surrounding Doune Castle, Stirlingshire.
Blending the finest psychedelic music complimented with a dash of folk brewed to perfection in a
big pot of sunshine. Plus there is the added bonus of freshly baked cakes, yum!
Alongside this there will be poetry, dancing, philosophy, forests, stories, lights, trees, cows, theatre, comedy, dressing up boxes, whisky, games, face-painting, giant mushrooms, rainbows, local ale and cider and lovely organic food. Oh and there will also be some bands too, headlining the festival they have Glasgow dance lords, Mungos Hifi, lo-fi legends The Vaselines, electric folk band Trembling Bells and finallyThe Incredible String Band member Mike Heron.
Other acts announced so far are Alasdair Roberts, Rise Kagona, Quack Quack, Dam Mantle, Conquering Animal Sound, Colorama, Nick Garrie, Remember Remember, The Hidden Masters, Blurt (Ted Milton), Ben Butler and Mousepad, Frank Farfield, James Yorkston, Broadcast 2000,
RM Hubbert and The Real Tuesday Weld. If that sounds like it's your cup of tea then you can find out more and even buy tickets on their homepage.

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