26 February 2011

We've Got It Covered #40

I realise that a fair few of you were a bit peeved that there was no Friday Freebies yesterday, I am afraid that as I was out manning the door at the Kid Canaveral SXSW fundraiser gig, it meant that I didn't have any time to draft something up. So next week will be a double roll over of awesomeness. Thankfully I still have time to ramble pish then share a cover version with you all, this week we have an Edinburgh artist covering an Edinburgh band, who says that Scottish music scene is a bit incestuous?! It's Withered Hand covering Eagleowl, and bloody lovely it is too. As Dan 'Withered Hand' is heading Stateside in a couple of weeks, as part of a tour which encompasses several appearances at this years SXSW festival it felt like a pretty apt time to share this with you all, enjoy...

Withered Hand - Into The Fold (Eagleowl cover)

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