18 February 2011

Friday Freebies

Edinburgh band Letters, have developed a bit of a buzz about themselves lately, with an array of Scottish bloggers already tipping them for big things. Kudos has to go out to Kowalskiy for being the first one to pick up on them. Personally, I think they sound like they have potential but I am not getting overly carried away, not yet at least. They've just release their new double a sided single ‘Grand National/Pipe Dreams’ as a free download. If you want to see if the hype is justified then you can make your own mind up by grabbing a copy here.

Male Pattern Band

If you're going along to see the French Wives tomorrow night in Edinburgh, then make sure you get down nice and early as the awesome Male Pattern Band are supporting. They're also supporting PAWS at their EP launch next month and as if that wasn't enough they've made their Summer Sampler CD-R available to download for free.

Maple Leaves
If you like your indie-pop with a touch of twee then you're going to love Maple Leaves, the Glasgow trio have just made their 'Threads EP' available for free download. Rather lovely it is too.

As I've already mentioned, our former Komplimentary Korner star has been pretty on the ball as of late. Not only has he been uncovering an array of talent that a lot us bloggers have completely missed, but he's been busy organising his eighth Free Monthly EP. This month he has an absolute corker up his sleeve, he's roped in some new up and coming stars in Wrongnote, I See Horses and Josef Llama, on top of that he's got exclusive tracks from the amazing Call To Mind, plus a hidden gem for Olive Groves very own, The Son(s). Hats off to the doc for his great work, you can download the EP on his Bandcamp.

Our very own Olive Grove starlet, Esperi has just posted his new single 'My Tear Dissolved The View' up for free download on his Bandcamp. There's an awesome wee video to acompany it, which you can watch here.

French Wives
If you missed any of the French Wives series of 'Homefires' freebies then you're in luck as they've put all of the tracks up on their Bandcamp to download for a limited time.

As a wee Valentines gift Yeasayer are giving away their 'I Remember' EP as a free download, get it here.

Panda Bear

Stereogum have a free download of new Panda Bear track 'Last Night At The Jetty' available for free download

Dam Mantle
If you sign up to his mailing list then he'll send a free download of his song 'Theatre', that kids is one awesome deal, dae it.

Blimey, I thought Moby had given up the ghost ages ago, I guess all the goes to show is that I clearly don't know what the fuck I am talking about. Then again I am sure you knew that ages ago. He's got a new EP called 'Be The One' and it's free to download here.

In a months time pretty much anyone who's anyone will be descending upon Austin, Texas for this years SXSW festival. Sadly, I'm not 'anyone' so I will be staying in sunny Scotland, there will however, be an array of amazing talent from our wee nation heading over to showcase quite how amazing our music scene is. In fact there are shit loads of bands going over and you can download tracks form every single band by downloading this torrent which is a massive 4.49GB. Get it here.

Bear Driver

Talking of SXSW, Peenko favourites Bear Driver will be heading over too, I know they're not Scottish but I really think this band are pretty fucking awesome. In the build up to their big adventure the band are giving some freebies, this week they've made their track 'Enemy' available for free download.

There's a whole load of lo-fi scuzzy pop available to download for nowt courtesy of Bloodhouse, it'll leave your ears ringing for days, in a good way. Get it from their Bandcamp.

The Clyde
This freebie comes courtesy of my blogger mate Favourite Son who pointed out that The Clyde have a couple of free downloads on their Facebook. Nice work that man.

Sun Dogs
Traffic Cone Records newest signings have made their son 'Drip Effect' available on Soundcloud for a free download.

tUnE-yArDs are giving away free MP3 'Bizness', download the it here

John Vanderslice
The San Franciscan indie stalwart has a free download of his song 'Convict Lake' available here.

Strawberry Ocean Sea
The Scottish outfit who note their influences as being the Arcade Fire, Echo and the Bunnymen and early U2, have 3 tracks available for free download on their homepage.

The Belle Hops
Spme of you might remember that this indie pop outfit gave away a cracking we Christmas tune back last year, now they've just made their new EP available for free download.

Rodrigo y Gabriela
Give them your email address and they'll let you download their song 'Triveni' for free.

Peter Bjorn & John
RCRD LBL have a free download of 'Breaker Breaker' up for grabs here.

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