06 February 2011

French Wives reurn with a new EP and a Scottish tour

French Wives will be releasing a 4 track EP on Monday the 21st of February, it's called 'Feel Safe Small' and boy are you in for treat. Released on a limited edition physical release, plus download, the EP is going to be released on a new label called Red Hat Records. The label is the work of Stuart from the band and a few of his old school friends who have teamed up together 'live the dream' of running their own record label. They won't be solely releasing stuff from French Wives, they already have plans afoot to release new material from an array of exciting up and coming artists.

I caught up with Scott from the band to ask him a bit the future plans for French Wives, how they plan to top the success they had last year and to find out a bit more about the possibility of there being a French Wives album any time soon.

"2010 went really well for us. We were really pleased to be included on the T Break stage and our first forays down south were great fun. However, we have plenty of aims and ambitions for over the next 12 months to basically spread our name out across the UK. Hopefully the EP will be received well, and we can take things from there.

We're really taking our time over an album because it's something that is so important to us that we desperately want it to be the best possible album we can make. One of the things that we consider most important in an album is that it's a coherent body of work, so we'd rather it was like that instead of being more of a "greatest hits" selection of the songs we've written up until now. We also think that our songwriting is improving the more we do it, so after the EP run is over, we'd really like to focus on writing the best songs we can so we can perhaps think about doing an album next year."

The French Wives head off on a massive trek round Scotland in a few weeks time, here's the dates you need to know....

17/02/11 - Glasgow - Nice n Sleazy’s
18/02/11 - Edinburgh - Sneaky Pete’s
19/02/11 - Perth - Twa Tam’s
22/02/11 - Dundee - Dexter’s
23/02/11 - Aberdeen - Drummond’s
24/02/11 - Inverness - Hootenanny’s
25/02/11 - Stornoway - Jaager Room
26/02/11 - Aviemore - The Old Bridge Inn

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