20 February 2011

Bits and bobs

As I have previously mentioned I can't be doing with running my Weekly Roundup posts anymore, mainly cause it became too big a pain in the arse, that and I wanted to have least one day off from blogging. Not that I actually avoid my laptop as I am still emailing folk, this blogging malarkey certainly does take over your life. Not that I am complaining mind, if I didn't enjoy it I would have chucked it ages ago.

Once again I appear to have gone off on a bit of a tangent, the whole point of this post was to round up some bits of news that might be of interest to some of you.

First up, in case you had forgotten this Thursday , Kid Canaveral will be playing the first of their SXSW fund-raising gigs at Stereo in Glasgow. As it's me that's putting on the gig it would be great to see some friendly faces for the evening. It all kicks off at 7pm with support from Randolph's Leap and Martin John Henry, with OnTheFly spinning some tunes too. Tickets are available to buy now directly from the band.

Tomorrow will see the release of the new French Wives EP, 'Feel Safe Small', a cracking wee record it is too. To celebrate the release on their own new label, Red Hat Records, the band will be playing an instore gig at Love Music (formerly Avalanche) in Glasgow at 5pm. So you might want to speak to your boss about nipping away early from work to get along for this one as it's almost certain to be pretty packed.

Last weekend when I was through in the Edinburgh I got the chance to visit the newly relocated, Avalanche Records. I was genuinely pretty impressed with their new premises, plus any record store that sells cupcakes gets an automatic win. On top of having all of that, the store is also hosting a number of 'Scottish label' weeks, sadly Olive Grove haven't been invited to the party yet, but we're working on it. Our friends over at Chaffinch Records are lined up for 21st February, and they'll be releasing a special 10-track compilation CD titled 'Woodlands' featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of The Second Hand Marching Band, Burnt Island, South Downs, Lucky Luke and Immigrant. Then to top it all off the week will culminate with an in-store gig from Peenko favourites, Burnt Island on Saturday the 26th at 3pm. Further details can be found over Chaffinch HQ.

Next Monday, the 28th, sees the release of the next in the series of Eli & Oz singles. Their next single is going to be with Glasgow band, Open Swimmer, and their single 'Sugar Bowl' which you can stream below.

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