18 February 2011

Barmellodie Tonight

Having stowed out Bar Bloc last month for the first ever Barmellodie gig, the awesome Al from Armellodie Records returns to the scene of the crime tonight to do it all again. This time round he's roped in two of my favourite bands on his label, The Scottish Enlightenment and 30lbs of bone, plus a wee band called Randolph's Leap who you might have heard of. It all kicks off about 10-ish, with Al and my partner in crime, Halina from Glasgow Podcart spinning tunes right through until the wee hours of the morning. Not only do you get a cracking line up of bands, but it's also free if you get there before midnight. All the important details and the like can be found here, sadly I won't be making it along as I am away to a wedding instead (baws).

The Scottish Enlightenment - Little Sleep

Thirty Pounds Of Bone - Crack Shandy in the Harbour

Randolph's Leap - As I Lie In The Mud

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