08 January 2011

We've Got It Covered #33

January really is a shit month, at the turn of the year I was determined to 'keep my chin up' and try and be positive about things. Things seemed to be going pretty well, that was until I had to go back to work and I was soon back to being a miserable fucker. One of the few things that makes this month of misery that little bit more bearable is the fabulous Celtic Connections Festival. It always amazes me the number of amazing line up's the organisers pull together, the two that are exciting me most are BMX Bandits with Randolph's Leap at Oran Mor(for pretty obvious reasons), and the Burns Unit and Broken Records at the Old Fruitmarket. The Burns Unit gig at last years Celtic Connections was pretty damn special, so I am looking forward to seeing them again. Also, I haven't been to a gig at the Fruitmarket in ages, for such a beautiful venue I always feel that it doesn't get used often enough. Having said all of that, the thing that I am most looking forward to, is seeing Broken Records live again. It's been a good while since I last caught them in the flesh, so I am pretty intrigued to see them on a larger stage. In anticipation of next Sundays gig I thought it would be pretty appropriate to post this cover that they recorded of the Velvet Underground's 'Venus in Furs'. Originally recorded as part of a session they did for Vic Galloway back in June of 2009, in my opinion the cover gives the song a nice big Scottish kick up the arse.

Broken Records - Venus in Furs (Velvet Underground cover)

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