11 January 2011

The Seventeenth Century - Ally McCrae Session (10/01/11)

Track Listing
1. Roses In The Park
2. Gregorian Calendar
3. Tired Man
4. Notes



  1. Randomly... I don't suppose you recorded Marc Riley's Wire session last night did you? They've been my favourite band for the last 20+ years, but I managed to miss their BBC6 set, I only found out about it this morning in fact - GUTTED. Let me know if you can help (thanks).

  2. send me your email address and I'll rip you a copy

  3. Really?? Wow, if you could I'd be ludicrously grateful!

    Send it c/o:
    rooksby at rocketmail dot com
    ...many, many thanks for that!

    I must say, you're providing a real service with this blog. It's virtually impossible to find a lot of the stuff you post once it's been broadcast. Nice work, & much appreciated!

  4. not a problem mate, I've sent you a dropbox link

  5. OK cheers. I'm not too conversant with Dropbox tbh but I'm sure I'll work it out... (!)