04 January 2011

Ones to watch in 2011 - Some familiar faces

I know it's a bit of a cliché to run end of year lists in December, followed by your tips for the year in January. But then again I never said I was one for breaking the mould, so I will be making a few suggestions of artists you might want to keep your eye out for in 2011. I have decided to split these into different posts. First up we have some artists that I have previously featured and who I have high hopes for this year, then tomorrow I will introduce four artists who I haven't really featured much before and who you really should be checking out in the next 12 months.

Martin John Henry

I have to be honest and admit that I was a bit of a late comer to Martin's former band, De Rosa, so when they broke up in June of 2009 I was a bit gutted that I hadn't had the chance to see them play live a bit more. That being said I did get to see their last ever live show at Fence's Homegame, although my memories of that are somewhat hazy due to a few too many shandies.
I remember thinking they were amazing, although my more sober wife has somewhat different memories (Edited by Mrs Peenko to say that I loved seeing De Rosa, they just took a while to come on and play at Homegame!). Either way, it was still pretty gutting to lose such an exciting Scottish band.

The Head & The Heart

One of the best things about writing this blog is the number of tips that I get from all around the world. Through a shared love of Frightened Rabbit, I have established a pretty good friendship with a cracking fella called Ryan, who not only shares various bootlegs of gigs for me to post, but also sends me tips of bands to check out from his home town of Seattle. A lot of the stuff that he has sent my way has been pretty fucking amazing, but The Head & The Heart, stood out of the crowd for me. Their self-titled album came too late to be featured in my albums of 2010, but needless to say it would have ranked pretty high up if I had heard it before I started drafting the list. If you liked the Local Natives and Hey Marseilles (more from them very soon), then I would urge you to check them out.

The Son(s)

When trying to describe the Son(s), the word mysterious doesn't even come close. I have been a massive fan of this Scottish 3-piece for quite a while now, without even playing any gigs they've managed to create a a massive buzz about themselves. With the List already touting them as one of their acts to watch in 2011, plus debut single, 'Radar' which is coming out on Jen Anderson's new label, Eli and Oz, later this month, big things are expected of this lot. Details of their debut album, which will be out in March, should be getting announced pretty soon.

King Post Kitsch

I have always tried my best not to become one of those people that starts to brag about who 'discovered' an artist first. Mainly because it makes you sound as if you're taking credit for their work, seriously it's not that hard to decided if you like something or not. It's the artists who put the hard work and effort into creating music, all I have to do is click play and decide if I like it or not. That being said, I do like to think that I was pretty lucky in that I was one of the very few people that he first sent his songs to. That's where my bragging rights pretty much end, as it took me months to actually get round to listening to his tunes. You've no idea what a cock I felt when I first heard his tunes, as they completely blew me away.
In the end I think I suggested he get in touch with Matthew from Song By Toad, purely because I thought that it'd be right up his street. Turns out it was and in March Mr Kitsch will be releasing his debut album on Song By Toad Records. Personally I can't fucking wait to hear it!

Fante's Last Stand from King Post Kitsch on Vimeo.

The Seventeenth Century

Yes I know One To Watch lists are all supposed to be about artists who are pretty new to you all, and yes, we did put the Seventeenth Century on at the last ever Ayetunes vs Peenko gig, but fuck it, this is my site and I can do what I like. In a world where Radio One cream their pants over Mumford & Sons, there has to be a place for the fabulous Seventeenth Century. Their forthcoming EP is a belter of a record, plus live they're tighter than lead singer, Mark Farmer's trousers, which leave little to the imagination according my friend Colette.

The Seventeenth Century - Roses In The Park - Radio Amsterdam FM from Onder Invloed on Vimeo.

So that's my first four acts to watch in 2011, starting tomorrow I'll hopefully be introducing you to some more artists who should hopefully tickle your fancy.

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